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ING Stock

ING trades in various stock exchanges like Euronext, NYSE and AEX with the ticker symbols INGA and ING respectively. However the long and short term options are traded in Chicago Board and Amsterdam Options Exchange. The ING stocks and shares are distributed in various regions of the world. As of 2009, the shares distributions in various regions are as follows.
  • Netherlands – 36%
  • United States – 24%
  • United Kingdom – 17%
  • Luxembourg – 9%
  • Belgium – 6%
  • Switzerland – 5%
  • Others – 5%
In addition, more than 99% of ordinary shares are issued and held by the ING Trust Office.

ING Stock Price

The real time stock price information of ING is also available on their website. One can also view the performance, price history and trends from the past 12 months till today on the ING share performance page located at the investor relations section of the company’s official website. However the information available there is normally delayed by 15 - 20 minutes from the actual stock exchanges. Basically, they gathered information from only definite stock exchanges such as Euronext and New York Stock Exchange.

The detailed and updated chart describing about the share performance and price can be obtained from the following link.|shf|stc&menopt=ivr|shf|stc

Apart from their website, you can get the quote information from several websites of the stock exchanges which are being traded with. For example one can get the quote from the NYSE site by providing the ticker symbol i.e. ING whereas you need to provide INGA for the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX).

ING Stock Trading

In US, the stock trading and investing services are also available through the ING Direct and Sharebuilder, an online broker which was acquired by ING in 2007. You can invest any amount on more than 7,000 stocks and ETFs by opening a Sharebuilder account. They won’t charge any kind of inactivity fees and minimum deposit while you open the account. Besides, there are also certain offerings like free trial, stock report and 100 transfer bonuses.

The purchase and buying of stocks can be started with a minimum of $4. For further details, you can see the pricing and rates of various trading services available on their website given below.

Moreover, the summary of stock analysis and review can also be obtained from the website of sharebuilder.

For further information on ING preferred stocks, market, stock index portfolio institutional class and others, you can refer the news update available on various sources or visit the global and regional websites of the company.



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