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ING Finance

The ING finance services are disseminated across the nations of the world through its various units and these units include ING commercial banking, real estate and investment management. In general, they provide structured finance, investment corporate, commercial and real estate finance etc. in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Canada, India, Singapore, Hong kong and other countries in Europe, Americas and Asia etc.

In Asia, the structured and corporate finance are provided by the commercial banking and investment division of ING Group. Besides, the company also offers various loans products, financial markets, merger and acquisition, cash management, debt capital market and others etc. The corporate finance also covers equity capital market and mergers and acquisition products which are made available to the institutional and corporate clients.

In Europe, basically UK, several types of finance are provided by ING Commercial Banking and these include the hire purchase, block discounting and leasing.

However, as the company does not have license for commercial banking in US, the financial management products and services are provided by the ING Financial Holdings LLC and its associates.

ING Commercial Finance

ING Commercial Finance is a unit of ING Wholesale Banking and the internationally renowned double “A” rated financial company which provides financing services on working capital of several companies and business firms etc. It has a wide network with the offices in Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.

This working capital financing service covers factoring, stock, purchase and account receivable financing. Besides, they also provide the credit management services which include debtor risk takeover, restructurings, debt collection, management buy outs and receivable administration etc.

ING Finance Australia

In Australia, the ING finance and investment services are provided by ING Real Estate and Investment Management which is the division of ING Group. Basically, the company has started the business on financing since 2005. It offers various financial products which are adjusted to the needs of institutional developers and property investors residing in Australia and abroad as well. Besides, they are also actively engaged in both investment and project finance which deals on several sectors such as residential, office, hotels, retails and industrial.

For further information and updates about the ING finance mortgage, premium and other services in NZ, you can refer the news available news of the company.



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