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The ING USA is a unit of ING Group based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In US, they are serving more than 29 million customers with 10,000 employees in several locations. However their executive and administrative headquarters are located in New York City and Atlanta.

They provide various types of financial products and services to the millions institutional and retail customers. These products and services include annuities, employment benefits, life insurance, retirement plans, mutual funds, trusts, rollovers and transfers, direct banking, managed accounts, institutional investment management, alternative investments and financial planning. Under, the fixed annuities, you can also avail various options like ING Annuity Secure Index Five, Seven and others.

One the other hand, one can also avail various financial and banking products such as savings account, checking, mortgages and many other through the ING Direct Bank, USA.

Moreover, they are also being dedicated in various community welfare services. In fact, ING is the title sponsor of some kind of long distance running and marathon events like ING New York City Marathon.

ING USA Careers

The careers at ING USA will provide several benefits and opportunities such as employment benefits, incentive plans, medical coverage, 401K retirement plans and many others. Moreover, they offer internship programs such as finance intern and actuarial student programs for the bachelor degree holder and graduate students. These interns are available as the full time and summer interns.

In addition, working at this company will also gained you the exposure in various fields as well as the chances to develop your careers, skills and knowledge etc. Besides, one can also experience the benefits of working in a reputed and international company.


ING USA login is a kind of secure online service which allows every individual, professional and employees to access and manage several accounts. With this facility one can login with the username or SSN and password in order to access account information and other services like balance inquiry, transfer money, checking investment performance and many others.

ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company

The ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company is an A rated company according to A.M. Best (a ratings services company). Basically, these ratings are evaluated based on the ability and financial strength of the insurance company. This company provides annuities such as immediate, fixed, index and variable annuities.

The fixed, index and variable annuities are the deferred annuities provided to those who looking for the growth by deferring growth. The variable annuities are beneficial for those who are saving for a longer period. If you want low guarantee and fixed return, the choice is the fixed annuities whereas index annuities provide guarantee for the minimum interest low. On the other hand, the immediate annuities are suitable for those who want retirement income as well as multiple incomes consolidation into a single account and many others. For further information about the products and services offered by this company, you can contact at the following details.

ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company
Phone Number: 800-262-3862

The mailing address and other contact details of the ING companies in USA can be obtained from following web links.

For further information about the ING USA, you can refer the website of the company.



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