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ING Loan

ING offers loans of various types such as home, personal, 401K retirement plans, student and vehicle or auto loans which include car, motorbike, Eco car, caravan and boat etc. The vehicle loans are available at a fixed interest rate and flexible monthly payment. Additionally one can borrow the loan amount of upto 110% of the actual vehicle price and a minimum of 2,000 euros. Besides, the repayment can also be made at your own comfort whether annually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly.

ING Direct Loan

ING Direct offers several types of loans for buying new home, refinancing and retirement saving plans (RSP) etc. These loans are available in various locations such as Australia, Canada, USA, Malaysia and many others.

In Australia, home loans are provided to the first home buyers, refinancers and investors and they are available as the following.
  • Variables home loans which include orange advantage, mortgage simplifier and construction loans
  • Fixed rate home loans
  • Line of credit and includes home equity and smart home loans.
In addition, the fixed rate home loans with different types of packages are also available in Malaysia which offers at the rate of 4.85% and 5.24% per annum.

The consolidation of home loans and others like car and personal loans into a single one by refinancing you loan is also possible.

One can apply or open the home loan account in various ways either by phone, offline or online application process. In order to apply online, you can visit the respective local website of ING. However the Australian customers can send or fax the completed application at the following address.

Apply Offline:

Reply Paid 463
Sydney NSW 2001
(No Stamp Required)


Fax to: (02) 9028 4997

By Phone
Phone Number: 1800 100 258

For further details of the requirement like residential loan variation form, changing account and request forms etc, the existing borrowers can visit the following website before applying.

ING Loan Rates

The ING loans are available at both the variable and fixed rates. But these rates may be different from one region to another and it also depends on the borrowing amount and loan term. For instance, in Australia the variable loans are available with an interest rate of 7.09% p.a. at minimum and upto maximum of 7.83% whereas the interest rates of fixed loans are varied from 7.24% to 7.79%.

ING Loan Calculator

The ING loan calculator helps the borrowers to evaluate the total required amount, repayment amount and many others. The following is some of the online loan calculators which are available on the respective local websites.
  • Home loan repayment calculator
  • Split home loan calculator
  • Borrowing power
  • Budget planner and many more.
For further information on ING loan modification 2010, servicing, wholesale, FHA and others, you can refer the website of the company or the reviews available on the various webs.



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