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ING Business

ING Business offers several types of financial and banking products and services to the business clients. These include savings, checking, CDs, loans, insurance, money market funds, credit card and many others. In addition, the online banking service enables the customers to manage several services from a single platform. With this service, one can manage account whether savings or checking or credit card, but the customers need to login with the respective IDs and password.

The ING Bank Direct USA offers business CDs with rate lock facility and guarantee return. It is available in various options of term ranging from 6 to 60 months and yields APY of 0.75% upto 1.25% depending on the term.

ING Direct Australia offers loans for commercial property in two types i.e. priority commercial mortgages which provide loans for an amount of $250,000 and upto $2,000,000 and commercial property finance for an amount of more than $2,000,000.

Besides, for the betterment of the customers, they also implement certain kind of business model and strategy as well as the policies and principles. The Business Principles which was originally introduced in 1999 is an example of such kind.

Moreover, the ING Belgium offers Business Plan, a tool which can help you in developing your business and financial plan.

ING Business Savings

The ING Business offers various types of savings accounts including business optimiser or maximiser, term deposit and others for small business clients. In US, ING Direct provides business savings account with an interest rate of 0.95% APY without any charges and fees. Moreover, it has the facility to access for an upto of three people with the different customer number and login PIN.

On the other hand the Business Optimiser is made available to the customers reside in Australia. This account offers interest rate of 6.25% p.a. and does not required to maintain minimum balance. With this account, one can also banking with the internet accessible computer or phone. In addition, the Business Term Deposit is available in a wide variety of terms ranging from 30 days to 2 years. It provides great saving interest with a minimum of 4.75% p.a. and maximum of 6.60% p.a.

Additionally, there are also two types of investment savings accounts offered by the ING Direct Canada. These accounts offer high interest rates ranging from 0.75% to 2.00%.

Apart from such kind of banking services, they also provide Business Course which provides the opportunity for deeper insights of the company. In fact they also have business school based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

For further extra information about ING Business promotion, analyst, development manager and others, you can refer the respective regional websites of the company.



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