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ING Card

The ING cards are available in two types i.e. debit card and credit card. These cards services are available in the worldwide locations where there are branches of ING. It also offers various advantages and benefits such as online bill payment through the credit card and many others. In Romania, they offer various types of cards which include photo, web, student, control, start card and credit card etc.

ING Credit Card

In Netherlands, credit cards issued by MasterCard are available as ING credit card, platinum, student, ING easy and classic credit card with a credit limit of € 10,000, € 15,000 and € 1,000 respectively. These cards are also featured with the foreign transaction and money transfer facility.

Beside, the existing customer can login into your credit card account to view the online statement. If you are a new customer and wish to apply the ING credit card, just log on to the respective local site and submit the online application if this facility is available otherwise contact your branch.

Apart from the Netherlands, the credit card services in association with the MasterCard are also available. With these credit cards, one can pay their bills for any purchase and even the customers can withdraw the cash from ATM machines worldwide where there is MasterCard acceptance logo. For better protection and secured transactions to be carried out, they provide card reader to all the cardholders. If your card was lost, contact the Card Stop at +32 (0)70 344 344. For the new card reader, you will be charged additional fee of EUR 25.

ING Debit Card

ING direct Australia offers debit cards which allow you instant cash within the country and abroad where there is Visa acceptance. These Visa debit cards come with the orange everyday account and accepted at over 1 million of ATMs network worldwide. One of the most interesting features accompanied with this card is that, there will be no ATM fees and will be reimburse back, if the customers withdraw cash not less than $200 whenever he or she cash out from the ATM.

If you have the questions or query the Visa debit card PIN change, then the answer is no, because the bank does not provide the PIN change option. However, if you have a new visa debit card then, you can set a new PIN of your own. In any case, you lost your card, contact the customer service at 133 464 or +61 2 9028 4077 for overseas.

For further information on ING card services in Canada, USA and other locations, visit the respective local websites of the company.



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