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ING Direct Savings

ING Direct offers various types of savings account in various regions of its operations notably, USA, Canada, Australia and UK. These savings accounts are offered to both the individuals and business customers residing in the locations mentioned above. Besides, they are available with several features such as safe and secured online banking and others etc.

With this online banking service, you can login to access your account information, balance transfers and many others. Even you can set up for direct deposit via this online banking service. However you may require the bank sort code or routing number in order to setup the direct deposit.

In addition, they also provide various types of savings calculators which can be used to evaluate the amounts of savings as per the interest rates and terms. For instance, the savings goal calculator which allows the customer to calculate the payments required in order to achieve the savings goal within a particular time period.

It can also be said that the ING Direct savings are high yields savings account because they offer good and high interest. For more information about the rates, you can review the rate history available on their websites.

ING Direct Savings Account

In US, the ING Direct offers various types of savings accounts for the individuals and the business clients. These include orange savings, Kids savings and business savings accounts. The orange savings offer high interest rates and do not require any fees and minimum balances. Likewise business savings also offer good interest rate and no fees and service charges are required.

In other case, the ING Direct offers the several types of savings account in Australia with great interest rates which include the following types.
  • Savings maximiser
  • term deposits for both the personal and business
  • Savings accelerator
  • Business optimiser and others.
The bank offers several types of investment savings account in Canada for both the individuals and business clients. These accounts do not require any kind of services, fees and minimum balance. They also provide Goal Getter savings options which provide great savings and good for the savers.

In UK, the ING Direct savings are available as the bonus saver, fixed rate and growth saver. The bonus saver offers variable interest rates of upto 2.0% AER and feature like free withdrawal, easy access and rate guarantee etc. The fixed rate accounts are available in three terms i.e. 6, 12 and 24 months and it also provides interest rates of 2.00% to 3.00% AER. The growth saver offers higher interest rates but it depends on the available balances.

The bank offers certain sweepstakes and welcome bonus to new account. However the customer needs to provide the promotion or reference code or coupons in order to get the bonuses.

If you wish to open the account, you can apply online or via phone. On the other hand, if you want to close your account, you can request to the bank through phone. The Australian customer can contact at the following phone number.

Close Account:

Australia: 133 464

For further detailed information on ING Direct savings sub account, protection and contest, you can refer the corresponding local websites of the bank.



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