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ING Savings

ING savings are available through the ING Direct, a banking unit of ING Group. In fact ING operates in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and others. The bank offers four types of savings accounts viz, orange savings, electric orange checking, CDs, retirement plan and kids savings account. All these accounts are available with great interest rates. Beside the savings, they also offer account for investing on stocks, bonds and mutual funds through sharebuilder. With these investment accounts, one can get sweepstakes and bonus of $50. However, you need to open such account with certain promotion code like INVESTBONUS or you can use the reference code or referral link provided by the bank.

ING Savings Account

ING orange savings accounts are available with good interest rate and it also not required any minimum balance or deposits. In addition, Electric Orange checking account offers several benefits with high interest rate and APY. On the other hand, you can also avail FDIC guaranteed and safe CDs account which offers 0.75% APY at minimum and 1.25% at maximum and the terms of these CDs accounts are ranging from 6 to 60 months. Apart from all these, the savings account for kids also offers a good rate and APY. Moreover, the electric orange account offers the following benefits.
  • Minimum APY of 0.24% and maximum of 1.24%
  • Free MasterCard debit card
  • Online bill payment facility
  • Free cash withdrawal facility from more than 35,000 ATMs machines across 50 states of USA.
However, these rates and APY may be different from one region to another. So you can refer the rate review available on the website of the bank for more information on various rate comparisons and APY and also you can use the savings calculator available on their website.

ING Savings Login

The ING savings login facility provides the online information for the customers account such as transaction history for the past months, account balance and other details. Moreover, it also facilitates money transfer, bill payment and direct deposit. However, the customers need to sign in with customer number or saver id and password, in order to login to their respective account and access these services.

For setting up the direct deposit facility, you may require the routing number of the bank which is given below.

ING Direct
Routing Number: 031176110

For further information on ING savings accounts protection and maximiser or maximizer, you can refer the website of the bank.



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