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ING Rates

The ING offers attractive rates on various savings, CDs, mortgages, floating funds and other products. But these rates may be varied from one region to another, because the company is providing such services to various locations of the world according to the needs and compatibility of that particular location.

ING Rates Savings

The ING rates savings are rates which applied to various saving products such as savings accounts, CDs account for both the individual and business customers. Besides, in USA, the bank offers retirement savings IRA and roll over accounts with the variable APY of 1.10%. The detailed structure of the savings account interest rates in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and others can be obtained from their respective website. However, some of the current effective rates for various savings products offering in UK, USA, Canada and Australia are given.

Savings Accounts: In USA, the bank offers interest rate of 1.10% on savings account which is also much more than that of the money market account. They offer an interest rate ranging from 0.24% to 1.24% and the APY of 0.25% to 1.25% on electric orange checking account. In addition, the CDs are offered with a minimum of 0.75% for 6 months. However, in Australia, they offer 6.00% p.a. for 180 days on ING direct personal term deposits. But in Canada, it offers several types of savings account with the rates starting from 0.75% to 1.50%.

ING Rates Mortgage

ING Direct offers mortgages for buying or refinancing new home with low closing cost, great and attractive rates. The easy orange mortgages are available with rate renewal feature which also allows the customers to lock the rate if the customers qualified for that. This mortgage is available in two types i.e. 5 year fixed rate and 10 year fixed rate mortgages with the interest rate of 3.125% and 4.250% respectively. On the other hand, in UK the mortgages are available as fixed rate, variable rate and tracker mortgages with the fixed interest rate of 3.14% and variable rate of 3.5%.

Furthermore detailed information about the mortgage rates offering such as mortgage simplifier rate in Australia and others in various locations of the world can be obtained from their website. In addition, you can also use various tools and calculators available on their website in order to calculate your monthly payment, required mortgage amount and others etc.

Moreover the details of the rate history, fact sheet and wholesale rate are also available on the website of the bank. Additionally, you can also review the news and other resources for latest and updates information about the rates. Because, rates are not constant all the times and do not hold at a point, it may be falling or dropping down from time to time or it may increase according to the economic and financial conditions of the region.

Further information about the ING rates returns, rise November 2010 and other, you can refer the annual report or visit the websites of the bank.



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