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ING Direct Orange

ING Direct Orange is the brand name of different products which include oranges savings, checking, everyday, CDs, mortgage and home loans etc.

The Orange CDs are available in various options of terms ranging from 6 to 60 months. These CDs accounts are insured by FDIC and offer high interest rates with guaranteed returns facility.

In US, ING Direct orange home loans and mortgages are available at the low rates with rate renewal option and low closing costs.

If you wish to apply any products mentioned above, you can apply online or via phone. If you already applied and want to know the status say for example mortgage application status, you need to sign in with your customer number and saver ID.

ING Direct Orange Savings

The Orange savings account offers high interest and does not require any kind of monthly fees and minimum balance. The deposits made into your account are insured by FDIC for an amount of $250,000 at maximum. It offers APY of 1.10% which is much higher than that of the money market or other savings account.

Moreover, you don’t need switch to the checking account because it automatically links to your checking account. In addition, you can transfer funds from your savings to link or other account without any charges. However, you need to login to your account with the customer number and saver ID.

If you have the promotion code or some kind of Key provided by the bank, then you might be a lucky person because they offer certain kind of cash bonuses while opening a new account with the promotion code. These bonuses will be credited automatically into your account after few days. Those who want to open an IRA account through the sharebuilder can use the promo code - “SBIRA09".

ING Direct Orange Checking

In US, ING Direct offers electric orange checking account with several features and advantages such as bonus of $50, free ATM access across the thousands of ATMs, person to person funds transfer, no monthly fees, free check postage and debit card etc. It is a high yields checking account which deposits are insured by FDIC and also offers the variable APY. As of 2010, the minimum interest rates and APY are 0.24% and 0.25% respectively. Further these rates and APY are depend on the deposits and balance maintained with your account. For further detailed and updated information about the rates, you can review the rate structure available on their website. On the other hand this checking also provides free bill pay service through which one can pay bills to anyone, anytime and anywhere within USA in a hassle free way.

Most interestingly, whether you have savings or checking account, you can also set up for direct deposit with your employer by using the routing number and account number. The US customers can use the following routing number.

ING Direct USA: 031176110.

For further detailed information about the ING Direct orange and loan invitation, you can visit the respective websites of the bank.



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