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Maybank Website

Maybank website is the only source which provides precise and comprehensive detailed information about the products and services provided by the bank. Moreover, the website of the bank is classified into different section, for example, the information about the products and services which are being offered to the individual will be found on the personal banking section. Likewise, the business clients can access the information of their interest through business banking section available on the bank website.

There are various types of Maybank websites dealing with the particular products or service. Besides, they also maintain different website for the different countries and hence it is necessary to check whether you are visiting the site which you are looking for. Therefore, the following is some of the Maybank website with their description.
  • is the global website that provides information about the products and services which are currently offering through its branches in the world. Moreover, you can find here the information about the Maybank Group, Maybank subsidiaries, branches from the Maybank worldwide section and many others. Alternately, you can also visit
  • or is the regional and local website for the Maybank Malaysia.
  • www.maybank.elds is the site concerning about the Maybank legal document system, but the correct URL of this system would be
  • will provide the information about the Maybank cash management and avoid using Maybank.2e and the spelling mistake as well.

Apart from the websites mentioned above, there may be several other websites but avoid the following websites.
  • www.maybank.u2
  • www.Maybank.u
  • www.Maybank.2
  • www.maybank.malaysia
  • www.maybank to
  • www.maybank to

Maybank Website Malaysia

The Maybank customers based in Malaysia can visit the website for appropriate information of the products and services whether about the account and banking, insurance, loans, investment, cards and others. However there is separate website for the investment banking and card services. For the Maybank Investment Bank, one can visit the website and for the cards services including redemption, promotion, treatspoints and other offers, benefits and advantages etc.

Besides the information which they have provided on the website, it also saves time, money and energy of the customer by providing the accessibility of various online services. In fact, the Maybank online banking is the good example because one can access account information, transfer fund, check balance and statement and many others via without any visit to the branch. However, the customers are required to have the login ID and password in order to access this service.

In the same manner the Singapore based customers can visit the for more detailed information about the products and services offering in the region. Furthermore, if you are looking for Maybank Philippines website, you can visit any of the following and avoid using because it may leads to unknown result or site.

For further information about the Maybank website down, you can visit the website of the bank



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