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Maybank ASB

Maybank offers ASB into two varieties such as ASB financing and ASB financing-i. The former is the term financing offered for purchasing ASB trust unit and the later for purchasing Shariah based trust units.

Both are the type of loan which offered a minimum loan amount of RM 10,000 upto a maximum of RM 400,000 per borrower or upto the maximum investment amount granted by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad.

Maybank ASB Loan

Maybank ASB loans are provided to those Malaysian native citizens (Bumiputera) between the age of 18 and 60 years. Depending on the loan amount the margin of advance also varies, for instance, the margin of advance for the loan amount upto RM 200,000 is upto 100% of the nominal value and 105% including the GASBRTT. On the other hand, for the loan amount above RM 200,000 is 95% and 100% respectively. These loans are available for the tenure of 25 years or upto 60 years of age of the borrower, in case if it is earlier than the normal tenure i.e. 25 years.

In addition, one can also benefit from certain ASB bonuses with the ASB financing-i. The bonus earned will be credited automatically into the respective ASB unit account. The repayment frequency and options of these loans is based on monthly and single installment payment. You can view the ASB repayment table (jadual) and schedule from the link given below.

The pricing and rates of these loans are also varied. In ASB financing, the pricing of the loan amount below RM 30,000 is BLR – 1.35% for the first 3 years and thereafter the rate is BLR – 1.30%. In another case, the pricing is BLR - 1.65% for the loan amount which is above RM 30,000. The current base lending rate (BLR) as of February, 2011 is 6%. On the other hand, the selling price and ceiling rate for the ASB-I is fixed at the BLR + 4% or 10%.

Maybank ASB Online

With the Maybank ASB online, one can perform certain additional investment tasks through the website In addition, this online service allows you perform unlimited ASB transactions and invest ASB units for yourself or other third party account. However, the customers are required to have a valid ASB membership number which can be obtained by registering on the bank website.

If you are interested in Maybank ASB, you can apply online or download the form from their website in order to apply offline.

For further information about the Maybank ASB dividend, calculator and plan, you can refer the website.



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