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Maybank Visa

In associate with Visa, a leading global cards and payment service provider, Maybank provides several types of visa debit and credit card to its customers in Malaysia. With the visa debit and credit card, one can enjoy the freedom of online shopping through hundreds of partnered merchants, cash advances and cash withdrawal in the overseas countries as well. Moreover, one can also earn several treats points and reward which can be redeemed into various products etc.

In addition, there are also some additional features such as Visa Plus and Visa Interlink. The Maybankard Bankcard with Visa Plus can withdraw cash from ATM worldwide where there is logo of Visa Plus acceptance. In the same the Visa Interlink features allow to pay for the purchases made at various outlets and merchants showing Visa Interlink logo.

Maybank Visa Debit Card

Maybank Visa debit card offers various types of benefits and no annual fees and minimum annual income is required. The benefits which are featured with this card include the following.
  • Local and overseas cash withdrawal facility via ATM.
  • Shopping at more than 29 millions visa accepted stores and outlets in the world.
  • The benefits of 1 treat point for per RM 3 that spent on shopping.
  • It can be used for transferring money and paying bills.
  • Every transaction can be tracked via
  • You can also use Paypal with Maybankard visa debit card for paying online shopping and purchase.
  • You can also set the purchase limit upto RM 5,000 and many more.

Maybank Visa Credit Card

Maybank offers several types of visa credit cards that provide greater privileges and advantages. Most of the cards are exempted from annual fees although there is still differential amount of annual fee for some other cards. The available Maybank visa credit cards are as follows.
  • Limited Edition SonyCard Visa: It requires the minimum annual income of RM 30,000 and available with lifetime fee waiver opportunity.
  • Maybank Islamic PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold and platinum: These cards are exempted from annual fees for the life and no compound charges are applied. The minimum annual income require for both Ikhwan Visa Gold and Platinum is RM 30,000 and RM 60,000 per annum respectively. In addition, one can also avail the benefits of unexpired 5x treats points rewards and free petrol with these treatspoints etc.
  • PETRONAS Maybankard Visa and Platinum Visa: These cards are also exempted from annual fees but the former is required the minimum annual income of RM 30,000 and RM 60,000 for the latter one.
  • Maybankard Visa Platinum, Gold, Flex, Wave and Classic: Among these cards, Maybank Visa flex is available with free annual income but the bank charges a monthly fee of RM 3.95. On the other hand, the remaining cards are available with applicable annual fees ranging from RM 60 to RM 550 and annual income of RM 30,000 to RM 120,000
Additionally, the Maybank credit cards are secured with additional password for safer internet transactions and online shopping. If you are interested in Maybank credit cards you can call up the number 03-5891 4777 to apply or contact the customer service centre at Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88 6688 for more details.

Besides, the Horizon Platinum Visa card is made available to the Singapore customers with the annual fee of S$150 and various rewards points such as 5 treats point on every dollar spent as well as the discount on best 300 global golf clubs.

For further information about the Maybank Visa card benefits, charges, other details and visa electron, visit the website of the bank.



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