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Maybank Number

The Maybank number could be phone number, routing number or others etc. Maybank has number of branches across the world with significant branches in the South East Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and others. Therefore, for each branches and offices, they have provided the contact numbers and necessary details.

The bank code, branch code or the routing number are also the important part of the bank because it helps in identifying the institution engaged in the day to day banking and financial transactions. For such codes and numbers, you can refer the website or the documents and kits provided by bank.

Maybank Phone Number

Maybank phone numbers are also the important means to communicate for a particular product or service. There is 24/7 customer service to assist in any needs and enquiry of the customers whether it may be of online banking related issues or about the new products, services, promotions and offers. Therefore, one can contact the bank at the following phone numbers correspondingly depending on the needs of the customer.

Maybank Headquarters
Phone Number: 603-2070 8833

Customer Service
Phone Number: 1-300 88 6688 or
603-7844 3696 (overseas)

Internet Banking Fraud Hotline: 03-5891 4744
Credit Card Centre:
Fax Number: 03-7953 8610 (Platinum and Premier)
03-7953 8600 (General, Gold and Classic)

Lost or Stolen Cards:
Credit Card: 1-800-88 3231
03-2072 1373

ATM or Debit Card: 1-300 88 6688

Maybank Investment Bank

Phone Number: +603 - 2059 1888
Fax: +603 - 2078 4194

Maybank Investment Bank Customer Service

Phone Number: +603-2297 8886
+603-2297 8880
+605-245 3413

They also provide special assistance for those who have lost their card in abroad or overseas. This assistance will be avail through various associate of Visa, MasterCard and American Express in other foreign countries. Therefore, you can also note the following numbers for future use.

Visa Emergency Assistance Centre (Toll Free)
Singapore : 800 4481 250
Japan : 00531 44 0022
United States: 866 765 9644
United Kingdom: 0800 1695 189
Australia: 1 800 450 346
New Zealand: 0508 600 300
Malaysia: 1 800 802 997

Maybankard Visa Gold: 612-9235 0260

MasterCard Emergency Service (Toll Free)
Singapore : 800 1100 113
Japan : 00531 11 3886
United States: 1 800 307 7309
United Kingdom: 0800 96 4767
Australia: 1-800 120 113
New Zealand: 0800 44 9140
Malaysia: 1-800 804 594
American Express International Collect Call
American Express: 603-2166 8822

Besides the phone numbers, there are also several other means like email and post to contact and communicate with the bank and relevant departments and centres. For the details of email and postal address, you can refer the website.

For further detailed information about the Maybank number and other contacts, you can log on to the bank’s website.



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