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Maybank Online

Maybank offers a variety of online services ranging from banking to investment and shopping to trading. These online services include online banking, stock trading, share trading, shopping with various partnered merchants and others etc.

Moreover, such services provide the relentless comfort which allow you bank from anywhere, anytime whether you are in Malaysia (MY) or Singapore (SG) and even online shopping from your home via internet with credit card at the Maybank merchant partners and stores is also possible. Apart from these, they also simplified various banking service including credit card application, payment and many more.

In addition, you can also redeem the treatspoints online which you have earned through your credit card. However, you need to logon to the redemption page and fill up form available on their website.

In order to provide a better understanding of the M2U online stocks and trading, they also provide various real time online stock games on their website.

Maybank Online Banking

Maybank online banking is an internet based safe and secure service which allows online balance checking, transfer, payment and others. Such types of services are available for the personal and business clients. With this service, one can access their account information, view statement and transaction details of your account as well as the bill for the credit card. Moreover, you can also transfer funds and balance to the registered payee accounts.

If you wish to access these services, you need to have a valid M2U account or username and password otherwise you can register at their website. If you have already registered, you can start login through the following link.

Maybank Online Login

Maybank online login is the gateway to several types on online services which online banking and online stocks. In order to login to such services, you need a valid username and password. However, you need to select the corresponding login page, because the online banking and online stocks login are two different pages although they can be login with the same username and password. For instance, if you want to access the online banking, you need to logon to the and select the online banking not the online stocks or any other else.

At present, the online stocks login is free of any charges and the account holders of Aseambankers and Maybankinvest can also login to the online stocks through directly.

Additionally, if you forgot the M2 username and password, you can refer the “forgot password” link available on the login page.

For further information about the Maybank online stock incentive and other, you can refer the website of the bank.



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