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Maybank Loan

Maybank provides various types of loans to both the personal and business banking customers. The available loans include personal, home, car, ASB and government guarantee loans as well as the Maybank Mikro and Islamic Mikro for small business enterprises and self employed individuals. Apart from Malaysia, various types of loans including personal, car, education and home or housing loans are also available in Singapore and consumer loans in Philippines.

If you are interested in Maybank loans, you can submit the application form in various ways such as online or offline by sending the form along with the requirement at the address of the concerned department. For the loan application status you can contact your home branch or Maybank Group call centre at 1-300-88-6688.

Maybank Loan ASB

Maybank ASB loans or financing are provided for purchasing ASB unit trust. These are available in two types namely ASB financing and ASB financing I. Both are offered with a minimum loan amount of RM 10,000 and upto a maximum of RM 400,000. The details of pricing, payment, tenure and other requirements can be obtained from the website.

Maybank Loan Car

Maybank car or auto loans are available for purchasing and financing on new or second hand cars. On the other hand, these loans can also be used for financing on reconditioned or improvised motor vehicles. In addition, the Islamic and conventional car loans are available with the margin of finance value upto 90% of the seller’s invoice at the maximum and the maximum repayment period of 9 years.

Maybank Loan Home

Maybank home loans are provided for buying a new house or financing on various types of properties under construction or completed properties. These loans are available as the following types.
  • Maxi Home
  • Maxi Home–i with variable and fixed rate option
  • Home Equity-i

Maybank Loan Rate

Maybank loan rates are varied from one type to another and the interest rate also depends on the type of the loan and amount borrowed from the bank. For the home loans, the rates are available in various options including the variable and fixed rate packages. In fact the home loans are offering at the lowest rate of 4.50% for the first 3 years.

The detailed information about the rates, you can refer the FAQs and other resources available on the bank website.

Maybank Loan Calculator

Maybank provides various types of web based calculators to calculate the monthly repayment, maximum repayment amount, maximum financing amount for the home loans and monthly installment for car or auto loans. These calculators are available as home loan, Islamic home loan and hire purchase calculator. In order to use these calculators, the interested borrowers need to visit the website of the bank.

For any assistance or query about the loans, you can also contact the 24/7 customer service hotline number at 1-300-88 6688.

The detailed information about the Maybank loans promotion and offerings like GPS MyVi can be obtained from the website of the bank.



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