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Maybank Login

Maybank login is the gateway of various kinds of online services such as online banking, bill payment, online stocks, trading, investment banking and many more. In order to access such online services, one needs to register at the corresponding website. For instance, if you are Singapore based customer and want to access the online banking, you need to register at After that, you will get the username and password which can be used to access the services mentioned above. If you have already registered and want to access the online banking service, you can start login through the following link.

One can access online banking and stocks with any of Maybank2U username and password as the IDs use the same IC no. Once you gain the access or login to these services, you can perform various banking activities such as checking balance and statement of your account, funds transfer from one account to another, bill payment for your credit card and other utility bills etc. In addition, you can also get the stock quotes and information. However, the online stocks login feature is available for only Aseambankers and Maybankinvest share trading clients, but the customers having following types of account are not allowed to access the stocks service.

  • Imteen
  • Biz
  • Maybank credit card holders without Maybank current or savings account
  • Inactive share or non share trading accounts.
If you have problem while login due to incorrect ID or password, you can reset it through the “Forget Password Link” appear on the login page.

Maybank Login Malaysia

The Malaysian customers of Maybank can login to access various online services like online banking, online stocks, bill payment and more. However, the customers need to have a valid username and the password to login in to these services. Otherwise, one can register at

In fact, this login facility provides easy access to various online services anytime, anywhere at your own convenient and comfort. It does not matter whether you are in Philippines or somewhere else.

For further information about the Maybank login, refer the FAQs available on their websites.



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