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Maybank Rate

It can be said that Maybank offers different types of rates because there are several products and services such as savings, current, fixed deposit, ASB loan, Forex, currency exchange and others provided by the bank.

The fixed deposits or FDs provided by Maybank offer higher interest rates than the normal saving accounts. In general, a normal fixed deposit offers the rate which is at the minimum of 2.50% upto the maximum of 3.60% depending on the term and period.

They also provide foreign exchange (Forex) and currency conversion services of about 27 currencies of the world. This service allows you convert the Ringgit Malaysia (RM) into other foreign currency and vice versa at decided rate which is fluctuated and varied according to the market condition. You can use the online currency converter tool available on their website in order to convert the currency into any of your available choice.

Maybank Gold Rate

In fact, Maybank provides gold trading services in two forms i.e. kijang emas bullion of gold coins and gold savings passbook account. On the other hand, these are the alternative form of investment. The former is concerned with the buying and selling of physical gold coins at the certain specific rates that prevailed in the market. The rate is calculated on the basis of the size in ounce say for instance the selling rate of the gold coin which is of 1 ounce is RM 4,333 and the buying rate is RM 4,166. The rates of other sizes (one, half ounce and quarter ounce) can be obtained from website of the bank.

But, in case of gold savings passbook account, one can deposit or withdraw gold at any Maybank branches. Even, there is also flexible withdrawal options that allow you withdraw as the physical gold or cash at the rate which prevails during the time of transaction. In the same manner as in kijang emas, there is also selling and buying system of rate but in terms of grams instead of ounce.

As these gold rates are varied and fluctuated, one can check the current prevailing rates either at the nearest Maybank branch or online via

Maybank Rate Online

The Maybank rate online is not a kind of special service from the bank, but it provides the rate information of different products through the bank’s website. For example, if you want to see the exchange rate information for various foreign currencies, you can view it online via Not only this, you can also avail the interest rates on different products such as savings, currents, fixed deposit (FD), loans, ASB financing and many others.

For further information about the Maybank rates in Singapore or other countries, you can visit the website of the bank.



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