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Maybank Insurance

Maybank provides a wide rang of insurance including car, home, medical and many others through its various insurance holdings groups and subsidiaries. The following is the list of Maybank subsidiaries which provide insurance related products and service.
  • Etiqa Insurance
  • Etiqa Takaful
  • Etiqa Offshore Insurance
  • Mayban General Assurance Bhd
  • Mayban Life Assurance Bhd
  • Mayban Takaful Berhad

Maybank Insurance Malaysia

In Malaysia, Maybank offers various types of insurance including car, home, education, medical, family, travels and future with affordable premium rates. However, the most popular insurance products include Privilege PA, Premiere PA Plus and eMotor Takaful.

The Privilege PA is available with a minimum premium amount of RM 33.90 and provides insurance coverage of upto RM 400,000 for accident. The additional benefits of this type of insurance include 12% to 50% savings, guaranteed renewal of upto the age of 70 years provided that there should be the continuation of premium, automatic premium refunds and credit claim, fixed premium rates and many others.

Premiere PA Plus is also a type of accident insurance which provides the coverage amount of upto RM 200,000 and the minimum premium amount starts from RM 19.90. The coverages for indefinite number of children, 24 hour worldwide and immediate coverage are some of the attractive features and benefits of this policy. There are also flexible payment options in which the premium can be paid monthly or annually.

The eMotor Takaful is provided for renewing motor policy which also has the possibility to save additional 10% on NCD (No Claim Discount).

For further information about the plan and premium, you can refer the e-brochures or contact the customer service at 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas).

Maybank Insurance Singapore

Maybank also offers various types of insurance in Singapore with flexible policy terms, plans and affordable premium etc. The following is the list of insurance available at Maybank Singapore.
  • Endowment: It is provided for the unforeseen events and future protection. The Pru Save and Pru Flexicash are the two types which offer flexible policy term of 10 to 45 years and 15 to 25 years respectively.
  • Whole Life: This insurance is design for whole life coverage and also provides the sum assured and bonuses accumulated during the period of the policy.
  • Term: It is available as the stand alone plan for a term of 10 to 45 years or upto the age of 75 years.
  • Hospitalisation: It is the medical insurance plan and available in two types i.e. Pru-shiled and Ever-free. The Pru-shiled provides complete medical coverage and the Ever-Free provides hospitalisation benefits in case you are hospitalised due to accident or illness.
  • Personal Accident: This insurance is available in four types which include personal accident insurance, lady persona, ever-vital, evergreen enhanced and ever-family choice. The coverage available with such insurances include crime protection, medical care, living benefit, accidental death benefit, senior citizens benefits, medical reimbursement, family monthly benefit and many others.
  • Home Insurance: This home is provided for the protection against the loss and damage of property due to theft, fire or perils.
  • Travel Insurance: This is provided in two options i.e. travel care and ever travel. Both the insurance offers the personal liability coverage of amount upto S$1,000,000 and some other benefits like emergency medical coverage and many others.
  • Motor: This is offered against the protection of theft and third party fire and also includes free natural disasters coverage.
The detailed information about Maybank insurance in Singapore can be obtained from the

For further information about the Maybank insurance, you can visit the website of the bank.



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