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Maybank Exchange Rate

The Maybank exchange rates are the certain decided rates used in converting RM (Malaysian Ringgit) into other foreign currencies like US dollars (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Indian Rupee (INR), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and many others.

These exchange rates are classified into buying and selling and they are also varied depending on the types of products such as telegraphic transfers, on demands and currency notes. They also provide the historical rate information with the title Forward Rates on their website through which you can track the history of the rates for upto 6 months.

The information for “exchange rate today” available at the Maybank Forex rates counter can be obtained from the bank’s website. However, these rates may fluctuate and vary for every second, therefore, the rate information available at the Maybank branch is more reliable than the online sources.

Maybank Exchange Rate Converter

Maybank exchange rate converter is a type of calculator which can calculate the currency exchange rate between Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and other foreign currencies as well as from other currencies into Malaysian Ringgit. For example, one can convert RM into USD (US Dollars) and vice versa at a certain specific rate. This converter can be used for currency conversion basically in three ways i.e. for telegraphic transfer, on demand and currency notes. The usage of this tool is very simple and easy, only you have to just enter the amount, select the currency which you want to convert and the currency which you want in your result. Finally select products of your choice from the drop down menu. The following link is the location of Maybank currency converter with a complete list of 27 foreign currencies. Therefore, you can follow it if you wish to calculate the exchange rates between the currencies listed with this tool.

Maybank Exchange Rate Singapore

There is exchange rate at Maybank Singapore as the foreign currency exchange services are not offered by the bank. However, you can find various types of foreign currency accounts which allow you access certain benefits like deposit and withdrawal of foreign currencies in the form of cash, telegraphic transfer or demand drafts. For further detailed about these products, you can refer the deposits and banking section available on the Maybank Singapore website i.e.

The detailed information about the Maybank exchange rate can be obtained from the website of the bank.



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