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Maybank Card

Maybank offers a variety of cards with several benefits, advantages and attractive features. The cards which are being offered by the bank include credit, debit, charge, commercial and Paywave cards etc. Under these categories, there are also several types of cards which are as follows.

Credit cards
  • Maybankard 2 Platinum and Gold Card
  • American Express Gold and Platinum Credit Card
  • Maybankard Touch 'n Go Zing
  • Maybankard World MasterCard and many more
Debit cards
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard Platinum Debit
  • Bankcard

Charge Cards
  • American Express Personal and Gold Card
  • The Platinum Card
Commercial Cards
  • American Express Corporate Services
  • Maybankard Visa Corporate Card
  • Maybankard MasterCard Purchasing Card
Paywave Cards
  • Maybankard Visa Wave and Paywave mobile.

Maybank Credit Card

Maybank credit cards are available in various options and featured with several benefits and promotions. With Maybank credit cards, one can earn treatspoints and rewards on every Ringgit spent on dining or shopping and these points can be redeemed online by filling a redemption form via

Besides there are also various benefits such as balance transfer, interest free payment and installment with ezypay, auto paybills services, secure online shopping, online statement and many others.

Maybank Debit Card

Maybank debit cards are the debit cum ATM card which allows purchase at various retail outlets in Malaysia and the world. In addition the cash withdrawal facility from ATMs is also featured with these cards. These cards are available in three types which include Maybankard visa, MasterCard platinum and Bankcard.

The benefits of these debit cards include fund transfer, paybills and cashless payment for various utility bills, goods and services. One can also earn treats points on every spent of RM3 with these cards.

Exception the transaction fee, all kinds of fees are exempted and free. For instance, you can open an account with zero minimum balance as well as they won’t charge annual service fee, card replacement and renewal fee.

If you have lost your card or ATM, contact the 24/7 customer service hotline number given below.

ATM: 1-300 88 6688
Card: 03-2072 1373 or 1-800 883231 (toll-free)

In case, your card was lost in abroad, you can contact the MasterCard or Visa Assistance Centres or their associates whereas Maybank Amex credit card cardholders can contact at 603-2166 8822 for immediate access to travel assistance.

For further detailed information about the Maybank card services paypal, remedial and reader digest contest, refer the FAQs and other sources available on the website of the bank. Moreover, the customers residing in Singapore can also visit the local website.



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