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Maybank Gold

Maybank gold is another form of investment because it is a highly liquid asset as well as easy to invest and secure. At present the Maybank is offering gold related services such as Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coins and Gold saving passbook account. The former is an alternative form of investment service provided based on the gold coins. These gold coins are available with 3 different size and specification which are as follows.

Size Fitness and Purity Weight
1 Troy ounce 99.9% purity 31.105g
1/2 Troy ounce 99.9% purity 15.550g
1/4 Troy ounce 99.9% purity 7.780g

Maybank Gold Price

Maybank gold price is classified into two categories i.e. buying and selling. The following is the table of Kijang Emas daily prices and rates available at the gold counter as of 1st February 2011.

Size in oz Selling in RM Buying in RM
1 4330 4162
1/2 2206 2081
1/4 1123 1041

The rates mentioned above may be fluctuated and varied. You can check the daily updated rates from the website as refer the gold investment guide to know more about the gold.

Maybank Gold Account

The Maybank Gold account include the Gold Savings Passbook account which is a kind of investment account that allows deposits and withdrawal of gold at the daily prices and rates from any of the Maybank branches. The minimum deposit allowed is 5gm with the purity of 999.9. The benefits of this GSPA include the following.
  • The deposits, withdrawal and even closing of account can be done at any of the Maybank branches in Malaysia.
  • Personal gold portfolio
  • Easy and simple access to transaction history and other account details through
  • Capital gain and many others.
This Gold Savings pass book account can apply through the online application form available on the website of the bank or contact the customer service at 1-300-88 6688 for more detailed information.

There is also conversion facility of GSPA into gold wafers with some kind of applicable charges. Moreover, the gold wafer with the Maybank logo, protective seal and Sales Memo can be selling back to the back.

For further detailed information about the Maybank gold savings passbook halal, gold credit card and others, just logon to the website of the bank.



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