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Maybank Account

Maybank offers several types of banking accounts which include savings, current, fixed deposits, Islamic accounts and many others etc. The following is the some of the important accounts available under the categories mentioned above.

Savings Account
  • Golden Savers: This type of savings account required initial deposit and minimum opening balance of RM 1,000 as well as the customers have to maintain the same for maximum interest benefits.
  • Golden Savers-i: It requires a minimum deposit of RM 1,000 to open the account. The customers can also gain certain benefits such as Maybankard Visa debit card, online balance checking, treatspoints, free FTT (Foreign Telegraphic Transfer) for the transaction amount of upto RM 5,000.
  • Kawanku Savings: This type of account can be opened with a minimum deposit of RM 50 for the employee and RM 250 for the individual, joint and minors.
  • Savings Account-i: This account is available for minor, student, trust and adults. For the adults, it requires minimum deposit of RM 250 and RM 1 for the rest.
Current Account

  • Maybank2u.Premier: This type of account is offering with the effective and nominal rate of 0.20 - 1.76% and it can be opened with a minimum deposit amount of RM 500.
  • Premier 1 Account: It is a high interest yielding savings account which offers the effective rate of 0.50 - 2.01%.
  • Premier Mudharabah Account-i: It is a type of current account with Shariah compliant which offers dividends. It is available for individuals, societies, associations, clubs, trust and minors. The minimum deposit required for the minor and trust is RM 1 and RM 1,000 for the others.
  • Premier Club Account: This is also a high interest savings account which offers certain benefits like special loan rates, checking facility and others. It requires RM 5,000 as the minimum deposit and RM 500 as the membership fee for a year.
Fixed Deposit Account
  • Islamic Fixed Deposit – i: This is a term deposit and fixed rate profit payment account which requires RM 5,000 as the minimum deposit for 1 months and RM 1,000 for 2 months and above.
  • Profit Now! Account-i: This account offers instant profit return facility and available for various terms ranging from 1 to 6 months.
  • Fixed Deposit Account: It offers interest rate depending on the amount deposited.
  • eFixed Deposit: This type of account is available for the tenure of 1 to 6 months. The benefits of this account include online withdrawal and placement.
If you are interested in Maybank accounts, you can open at any nearest branch in Malaysia whether in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor or somewhere else. Besides, you can also apply online through the website of the bank. Moreover, you can also find several types of account other than the mentioned above from the website of the bank.

Maybank Account Balance

In addition, one can check the Maybank account balance, statement, transaction history and other information with the help of the online banking service through the website of the bank i.e. The authorised customers can only access this online banking with the M2U ID and password.

If you have any query on how to check account number or how to know account number format and others, you can refer the FAQs or contact the customer service at 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas).

For further information about the Maybank account officer and others, you can visit the website of the bank.



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