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Maybank Promotion

Maybank offers several types of promotions on the services which are provided to their customers in Malaysia. These promotions cover various items such as holiday travels, Pizza Hut ipad, and fixed deposit cash back, Senang Menang Proton Exora car, express autopay for Amex

In Singapore, Maybank also provides special discounts and promotions on its various products and services such as dream vacations which is available with Maybank cards, rebates on festive dining with the platinum card

You can contact the customer service at 1300 88 6688, to know more details about the promotions.

Maybank Redemption

Maybank provides redemption opportunity to Maybankard debit and credit card users. The rewards points that you have earned through buying, purchasing or shopping can be redeemed into various gifts, vouchers, products and other benefits. For instance, if you can collect 21800 treatspoints then you will be able to redeem into “Polo Leather Belt & Wallet Gift Set” through the Letterman Marketing Sdn Bhd outlet.

The redemption can be made online through the website or on the spot. The redemption opportunity is available with all types of credit cards which include Maybankard Amex, MasterCard and Visa. There is the possibility of saving more than 2000 treatspoint if you redeem on the selected hotspot location. Moreover, you can redeem these points partially and the remaining points can be charged into your Maybankard credit card. Even more, one can also redeem gifts partly with the treatspoint and the remaining payment can be made on the installment basis with the 0% interest. In order to redeem online, you need to log on the following website address and fill up the form as well as provide the code of redeemable product. In addition, the redeemable products can view through the online catalog.

On the other hand, you can visit the nearest hotspot centre for on the spot redemption or refer the following link to know more about the procedure of redemption.

A wide range of redeemable products including lifestyle, home, kids, travel and many others would be available through the online catalogue. If you want to view the latest catalogue before going for redemption, you can follow the link given below.

For further information about the Maybank Jack’s place promotion and redemption catalogue 2010, you can visit the website of the bank.



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