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Maybank Debit Card

In Malaysia, Maybank offers three types of debit card with certain benefits and attractive features. The available debit cards with their features and advantages are as follows.
  • Maybankard Visa Debit Card: With this card, the cardholders can purchase and shop at any outlets where there is Visa acceptance logo as well as one can also withdraw cash from the ATMs.
  • Maybankard MasterCard Platinum Debit: This is a debit cum ATM with Bankcard (PMPC) application and MasterCard EMV chip ability. With this card, one can shop at more than 29.4 million outlets around the world and overseas provided that there should be MasterCard acceptance logo. Moreover, one can also earn 1 treat point per RM 3 expenditure. It also has the option to set the purchase and buying limit.
  • Maybankard Bankcard: It is used for MEPS Cash applications, ATM and e-Debit. The features of this card include cash withdrawal, balance enquiries, transfer funds and many others at ATM. You can also make cashless payment online for utility bills, goods and services. The MEPS facility available with this card allows the cardholders to load the electronic monetary value into the card directly from the account.

All these debit cards are exempted from annual fee and no annual minimum income is needed.

Maybank Debit Card Visa

Maybank debit card visa is offered to those having savings, current or imteen accounts. For the savings and current holders, the applicant must complete the age of 18 years and the imteen account holders need to be 12 to 18 years of age. The benefits and promotions offered with this card include the following.
  • You can shop at 29 million visa accepted stores in the world.
  • It can be used as an ATM to withdraw cash from the ATMs within the country or overseas.
  • One can also get the privileges of earning treat points say 1 point for each RM 3 you spent on buying or purchasing say for instance petrol.
  • The purchase limit can be set upto RM 5,000
  • The transaction details and statement can be tracked online through the website of the bank i.e.
  • Security enhancement with smart chip and code.
In addition, this visa debit card can be used for online shopping at various online stores like itunes, Amazon and others. However, the cardholders need to register at the bank website. At the time of registration and activation, you will be required the following information.
  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVV Number
  • MSOS Password
  • Confirm MSOS Password
  • PAM (Personal Assurance Message)
  • Hint Question
  • Hint Answer
The fees and charges applied to this card are waived off except the charges for conversion and replacement of card due to lost or damage. The bank will charge RM12 for conversion of card from Maybankard Bankcard to Maybank Visa Debit Card and card replacement, PIN lost etc. One can also visit the website of the bank for further information about the fees and charges about the other debit cards offered by Maybank.

For further detailed information about the Maybank debit card offerings in Singapore and others, visit the respective website of the bank.



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