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Citibank Visa

Citibank offers a wide range of credit cards bearing different set of features and purposes. Customers are offered cards by benefit such as Travel Reward, ThankYou Reward, Cash Back and Savings etc. They are also provided with cards based on customer type like Personal, Business or corporate and Student. Of the several credit cards made available by Citibank some are of Mastercard Debit features while many are of Visa features. Citibank offers unique services to all Citi cardholders with line of rewards and benefits. Citi also provide convenient and secure measures to government and corporations in helping them manage all the travel related expenses of their employees through Visa Travel Card. The bank provides car rental insurance program with travel assistance round the world. Cardmember of Citibank can avail best exchange rate or either by using Debit or ATM one can avoid or reduce the high charge of foreign transaction fee. Citibank World Money Card gives a good advantage to frequent travelers which are accepted at over 13 million Visa Electron Merchants locations worldwide.

Citibank Visa Login

With the Citi online banking service customers can easily manage their visa card account online without any hassle. The bank offers an array of credit cards designed with range of features to reward its users and help them meet their needs and requirements. Customers can apply one that is right and needful through online or call any customer representatives for application. Application status if apply through online can be also checked simultaneously. After opening an account Citi cardholders like Gold Visa and Mastercard, Hilton HHnors Visa Signature card, Citi Platinum Select Visa etc. can efficiently manage their account online. Getting a User name and password is only the matter for login purpose. And once entitling with a User name and password one can simply sign on entering the user name and password and start perform banking activities such as bill pay, money transfer, or any other payment. Customers can sign in to check the gift card balance, review monthly online statements and check the available credit balance etc.

Citibank Visa Rewards

Citi choice of Visa and Mastercard such as Hilton HHonors Visa, AAdvantage Visa, Dividend, Prepaid, Secured, Shell, Platinum Select Visa, Forward card etc. offers range of reward benefits through cash back, gift card, reward points etc. Platinum Visa offers premium benefits with low interest rate and possibility of increase credit line. AAdvantage credit cards offer diverse range of reward points to frequent travelers and they can earn valuable AAdvantage miles which are redeemable by American Airlines and other travel partners. Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card holders can start earning bonus points ranging from 25,000 after making US$500 in purchases within 4 months. They can also earn infinite points with every purchase. Interested customers can apply Hilton Honors visa Signature card either through online or may call at 1-800-466-4124. Student credit card like Citi Platinum Select Visa, Dividend Platinum Select Visa etc. offers great rewards on purchases plus cash back with $0 liability on unauthorized charges. Shell Citi Visa offers 5% rebate on Shell fuel purchases and 0.5% rebate on other purchases.

Citibank Visa Customer Service

Citibank visa customers can enjoy the unique customer service with round the clock assistance including travel assistance with immediate and emergency measures. Besides car rental insurance, cardholders are also provided immediate assistance in case of any accident, lost or stolen of card or luggage etc. The fraud department also works closely with the cardholders to ensure guaranteed safety and security of every customer's information and transaction details. With the new Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode service, customers can now confidently carry out online purchases. Customers wanting to avail the verification service bearing the verified by visa and mastercard securecode sign, he/she need to register for the service.

Citi cardholders may contact the following customer service phone numbers for any questions regarding Citibank Visa card.

Customer Service: 1-800-950-5114
Outside the USA, Call Collect: 1-605-335-2222
Lost or stolen credit cards: 1-800-950-5114
TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired 1-800-325-2865

To apply for a Visa Travel card or to learn details about Visa Government solutions, customers may contact Citibank Visa GSA SmartPay Bank at (800) 241-1514.

For detailed Citibank Visa and to find the center and full address for Citi Credit card payment please log on to either Citigroup official website or may log in through the site given below. Customers will also find the rewards catalogue on offer by Citibank.



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