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Citibank REO

Citibank REO properties are the foreclosed properties or homes that are retained by Citibank for those clients and customers who could not keep up their mortgage obligations. Citibank REO or real estate owned properties as may be called, are made available for sale through foreclosure listings by the various agent and asset management department. It is kept maintained by several divisions of individuals such as asset manager, brokers, etc. and the properties are made available to dispose off anytime. Every foreclosed property including commercial foreclosure is termed as Citibank REO real estate. Citibank REO department has thousands of bank-owned properties for sale. It is claimed that those homes and other foreclosures that are owned by the bank are in great demand as they are cheap and have great value.

Citibank REO Properties

There are thousands of bank-owned properties available for sale from the Citibank REO department custody. They are made available for sale through foreclosure listings in the advertisement with their full address, locations, and price of the property. A large list of foreclosed houses of all kinds can be also found on the website of the bank. REO investors seeking such properties could be the owner of the house that one dream of. Citibank foreclosures are sold usually at bargain prices with exciting rates and terms favorable for the buyers. The bank-owned properties are made available at cheap prices and they have great value as claimed by several Citibank REO buyers.

Citibank REO Department

Citibank authorizes its REO dept for maintaining all the foreclosed homes. Under the bank's department several other divisions of individuals servicing real estate properties like asset manager from the asset management companies, agents or brokers comes in to carry out the task of disposing off the properties. The available properties for sale are given to the listing agent for advertising. Citibank will then review the list from the listing agent and give the approval about the offer. The agent will only then inform to the buyers about the status of the offer. As all bank-owned properties are sold at the sole discretion of the buyers, one should always speak to the listing agent before taking any further move in buying process. One should clearly understand all terms and conditions of its listing.

Citibank has made its REO listings available through its subsidiary CitiMortgage's website. Citibank REO department does not directly handle the bank-owned properties, but one can still contact its CitiMortgage customer service number 1-800-283-7918 available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 12:00 am midnight and Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. The bank does not provide any brokers or agent phone number either. Needless to say, broker servicing any real estate properties and the kind should be qualified one and the bank should carefully verify their application before any approval. For more info about Citibank REO and to view the various listings of the bank's foreclosures please visit the official website of the bank.



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