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Citibank Careers

Citibank Careers and job opportunities are made available not only in the United States but also in several other countries of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. A large number of job openings can be found in India, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, UAE, Canada, London and Sydney. Citibank is not only a leading financial services firm but it is also one of the largest employers in the U.S. The bank provides a range of lucrative job vacancies in its several businesses that include Institutional Clients Group, Global Consumer Group, Corporate Center, The Citi Private Bank, Citi® Cards, CitiFinancial, Citibank North America, Citi Assurance Services, CitiMortgage, Citi Alternative Investments, Citi Investment Research, Student Loan Corporation and Primerica Financial Services.

Citibank Jobs

A diverse range of career opportunities are offered by Citibank in several states of the U.S. Whether you are looking for the latest job vacancies in New York, Dallas TX, Delaware, Illinois, Las Vegas, Jacksonville FL or San Antonio, use the quick job search tool available on the career page of the official bank website. This online tool will allow you to find current openings that could meet your career requirements. Citibank North America Financial Centers offers information on several career opportunities that are offered across the businesses of the bank. Citibank has internships program for graduates and undergraduates dreaming to join the organization. The following are some of the best job opportunities offered by Citibank to eligible candidates:

  • Financial center manager
  • Business banking officer
  • Financial center operations manager
  • Personal banker
  • Service officer
  • Teller
  • Relationship manager
  • Financial executive
  • Insurance sales specialist
  • Financial executive sales assistant
The best way to start the job application process is to register by creating a profile at Citibank Careers. Building a profile will allow you to apply for several job openings from time to time without having to provide your details time and again. You will also receive emails from job agents of the bank informing you on new openings that are suitable for you. It is also very easy to create your profile as all you have to do is register with the bank website by providing your e-mail, name, present address and a password. Then, enter details of your resume to start looking for available jobs with the bank.

Citibank Career Benefits

Other than offering a complete range of job opportunities, Citibank also brings many benefits and privilege programs for its employees. The bank offers tuition reimbursement, training classes, competitive pay and several benefits packages. Some benefits offered to the employees include health care coverage, dental plan, mortgage assistance, special discount rates, homeowners insurance and several banking services. Moreover, the bank offers family support assistance like LifeWorks programs and Employee Assistance Program. Look for Citibank careers in Philippines, Bangalore, Chennai, Dubai, New York or any other region by using the job search tool available on the website of the bank.



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