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Citibank MasterCard

Citibank provides an array of mastercard credit cards offering a range of features and reward programs to help meet the varied needs and requirements of different customers. Citibank credit cardholders are provided unique customer service with added buyer protection and purchase protection service round the clock. They are covered with insurance programs like car and auto rental insurance, extended warranty, and travel insurance etc. Cardholders can earn several reward points anytime one make purchases using Citibank credit cards. Reward benefits such as, cash advance, extra cash, gift, and thank you points etc. are lined up to reward every customer using Citi credit cards.

Range of Citibank Mastercard credit cards include- Citi Platinum Select, AAdvantage World Mastercard, Dividend Platinum Select, Diamond Preferred Rewards, CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Mastercard, Shell Select, and Sears Mastercard. Citibank also offers several other credit cards with designed based on benefit, financial option, customer type, individuals and families which include business, corporate and government card. Using the above cards can earn several American Airlines bonus points and also avail certain 0% APR intro on balance transfers. Citi also offers like Elite, CitiBusiness Gold, Home Depot Rewards, Prepaid, and Petro Points Mastercard with Paypass, and Emirates Platinum, etc. The bank provides Securecode as an extra personal password to every cardholder to ensure protection against any fraudulent online use of the activated credit card.

Citibank Mastercard Rewards

Citibank mastercard rewards are exclusively designed to reward customers who use Citi card in purchases and in any other purposes using the card. They are also designed to help meet the various needs of the customers during foreign trip or any travel related purposes. Emirates Citi Platinum and PremierPass/Expedia card offers exciting travel rewards for eligible purchases on Expedia and reward thank you points on other purchases. Citi Driver's Edge offers 2% rebates toward the lease, purchase and service of the vehicle. Cardholders can redeem the rebate after filling the redemption form providing some required information like name, address, email address and Driver's Edge Account Number etc. ExxonMobile Mastercard holders can earn valuable rebates on purchases at any Exxon and mobile locations wherever mastercard is accepted. Customers using Visa/Mastercard Debit Card can avoid huge charges on foreign transaction fees. With Debit or ATM of Citibank, customers can avail the best exchange rate and avoid high charges of international fees as well.

Citibank Mastercard Online

The Online Banking Service facilitates cardholders to conveniently manage their account. Customers can comfortably at his/her convenient time and zone login to the online service and manage their accounts, pay bills and other fees payments online, check online statement, available credit balance, reward points summary, and receive important account information like payment due date etc. Customers can request a card that is right for them through online and can also check their application status at the same time. Customers can enroll to online banking service free without any registration fee or charge as such. One can simply request for online registration providing some personal and account information such as ATM/Debit Card Number, ATM PIN and Account Number etc.

Citibank Mastercard Login

Citibank mastercard customers can simply log on to the official site of the bank and manage the account, make necessary bill payments or online shopping payment etc. Shopping online payment is ensured guaranteed safety as every activated card is provided with security code, which only the holder can make such transaction after confirmation of the code. Simply enter the User name and password to sign on to make online bill payment and other online banking activities. Customers only need to set up a User name and password for login purpose and after getting entitled one can sign in to enjoy the joy and ease of banking online.

Citibank Mastercard Customer Service

Credit card customers of Citibank are provided exceptional customer service with round the clock assistance providing all necessary support for any queries, problems, and above all online identity theft solutions. The bank provides all travel related assistance through out the world with immediate measures. The fraud department works closely with every cardholder and three major credit reporting agencies to place fraud alerts and provides necessary tools which can help take proper steps till the case gets over. Customers may contact the following phone numbers and mailing address for Citibank mastercard related services.

Citi MasterCard Customer Care: 1-888-859-9914
Technical Support: 1-800-347-4934
Internet Security Specialist: 1-888-285-9696
Suspicious Fraud Email to:
Lost or stolen credit cards: 1-800-950-5114

Mailing Addresses

Citi MasterCard®
Regular Payments1
Processing Center
Des Moines, IA 50364-0001

Overnight Delivery/Express Payments
Processing Center
4740 121st
Urbandale, IA 50323-2402

Correspondence Address
PO Box 653091
Dallas, TX 75265-3091

ExxonMobil Card
Processing Center
Des Moines, IA 50361-0001

Sears Card®
Regular Payments3
Payment Center
P.O. Box 182149
Columbus, OH 43218-2149

Shell Card
Regular Payments
P.O. Box 183018
Columbus, OH 43218-3018

The Home Depot® Credit Card®
Regular Payments4
The Home Depot Credit Services
Processing Center
Des Moines, IA 50364-0000

Citi AAdvantage card payment address
Citibank®, P.O. Box 6000,
The Lakes, NV 89163-6000.

For detailed Citibank Mastercard information please log on to the official website of the bank. Customers can find all the choice mastercard of Citibank and full reviews of the card by its holders. Details about interest rates, minimum payment etc. also can be obtained.



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