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Citibank Thank You Points

Citibank Thank You Points can make each day rewarding for you if you use a debit or credit card issued by Citibank. Citi ThankYou® Network is a rewards program that enables you to earn points while using your Citibank debit or credit card for making purchases. Earning ThankYou points can let you win several gifts and rewards that include travel & experiences, gift cards, electronics, home & garden, health & beauty, music & DVDs, books, cash, savings & charity, sporting & outdoor, tools & automotive, toys, kids & baby rewards and many others. However, you are first required to enroll for the program, earn points and redeem those points to get the rewards mentioned above.

How to Enroll

In case if you already have a checking account then you can enroll in ThankYou® Network with the help of Citibank Online services. It takes only few minutes as all you have to do is provide some details about your checking account and check card. However, if you have a credit card with ThankYou Rewards then you are automatically enrolled for the program. You can connect with Thank You Network directly through your online account. You are no longer required to set any additional user name or password on

Redeem Citibank ThankYou Points

It is essential for you to carry out the redemption process of your Thank You points as they may expire because of time factors. If you are thinking to redeem your points and win some rewards then just sign on to Citibank Online and check your points. Then link the points with the ThankYou Network and choose the rewards according to your points. Or you can simply call 1-800-842-6596 to redeem your points. You can also use Citibank Thank You points calculator offered by the bank to calculate your points and see what you will be eligible to win.

How to Earn ThankYou Points

There are several ways to earn Thank You points to get rewards and gifts. You can earn points for all the purchases made with your Citi® Debit Card. Your checking account package along with the eligible products or services can let you earn Thank You points each month. Moreover, you will earn points for every purchase made by a Citibank credit card with ThankYou® Rewards. For more information on Citibank Thank You Points promotion and promotional code, visit the website of ThankYou Network.



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