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Citibank Auto Loans

Citibank Auto Loans have enabled a large number of low and moderate income borrowers to drive their dream car. It is the ultimate wish of each and everyone to own a car of his choice. Unfortunately, many people are unable to fulfill their dream due to several financial factors. To help them, CitiFinancial Auto offers a range of auto financing and auto loan refinance options for eligible consumers through several dealerships across the nation. CitiFinancial Auto is the auto loan lending division of Citigroup and it has the stability and experience to help you meet your financial needs. Financing an automobile is completely safe and quick with a low rate auto loan from Citibank.

Citibank Auto Loan Rates

CitiFinancial Auto offers several auto loan options to consumers from various backgrounds. They also bring some of the most competitive auto loans rate when compared to other financing firms. However, the auto loan interest rate will greatly be determined by the borrower's income status, the amount of loan, the type of car and the repayment term. Citibank also offers auto loan calculator that can assist the borrowers in getting some idea about the payment and interest rates of several loan terms. Citibank subsidiaries in India and Singapore also offer a range of auto financing options to potential customers.

Citibank Auto Loan Payment

It is mandatory to payoff your auto loan on time in order to avoid future inconveniences. Citibank provides a number of auto loan payment methods for your convenience. As a borrower you can make your monthly payment to CitiFinancial Auto through:
  • Online Payment
  • Direct Debit or ACH
  • Check by Phone
  • Regular Mail
  • MoneyGram Express PaymentSM, or
  • Western Union Quick Collect®
Making online payment of your auto loan will allow you to save your precious time. You can use your debit card or bank account to repay your auto loan online. On the other hand, you can make auto loan payment by sending regular mail to the address mentioned below.

Monthly Payment and Payoffs:
CitiFinancial Auto
P.O.Box 183036
Columbus, OH 43218-3036

Address for Overnight Payments:
CitiFinancial Auto
Attn: Payments Dept
1500 Boltonfield Street
Columbus, OH 43228

CitiFinancial Auto also offers the best of customer service through a number of channels such as customer service representatives, Automated Phone System and CitiFinancial Auto Website. Automated services are accessible round the clock whereas, customer service representatives are only available in the following hours:
  • Monday - Friday 7:00am - 8:00pm (CT)
  • Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm (CT)
Toll-Free Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-486-1750
Toll-Free Fax Number: 1-888-249-5595



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