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Citibank Credit Card Payment

Citibank Credit Card Payment is something that you are required to make if you are a customer using a credit card issued by the bank. Citibank is one of the largest providers of credit cards in the U.S and various other countries around the world. A wide variety of credit cards are made available by the bank and consumers can make their choice depending on their purchasing needs and financial status. These credit cards come with several benefits and reward points that enable the holders to get many rewards and gifts. However, it is very important for the customers to make timely repayment of their credit card bills in order to avoid defaults and serious debts.

Citibank Credit Card Payment Online

If you are thinking to make your monthly payment of credit card bills then Citibank offers a number of payment options for you to choose from. You can link your card with the online banking facility of the bank to enjoy making online payment of your credit card from the comfort of your home or office. All you have to do is register with Citibank Online by providing your card number and account details and choose the online bill pay option to make same day or recurring payments anytime from anywhere. Moreover, you also get Online credit card statement and check your past payment details and credit limits without having to visit the bank branches.

Other than making credit card payments online, you can also pay your card bill by using cheques. In credit card payment by cheque, you are just required to write a cheque in favor of the payee with the appropriate amount mentioned in the bill. Then you can just insert the cheque in the drop box or send it to the payment center through ordinary or overnight mail. Another common credit card payment method is the payment by cash where you will make the essential payment in cash at the bank branches.

It is very important for the credit card users to set up a proper payment plan in order to prevent debts and late payments in the future. Making timely repayment is the best way to remain in good credit condition. Citibank also allows credit card user to join several reward programs to earn points and rewards while making purchases with the card. The bank offers its credit cards in several countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and many more. Different country will offer unique payment gateway and payment address corresponding to their areas. The following are some credit card payment addresses of Citibank.

CitiBusiness® Card with ThankYou Network®
Regular Payments1
CitiBusiness Card
P.O. Box 6401
The Lakes, NV 88901-6401

Overnight Delivery / Express Payments
CitiBusiness Card
8725 W. Sahara Avenue
The Lakes, NV 89163

CitiBusiness® Card
Regular Payments1
CitiBusiness Card
P.O. Box 6401
The Lakes, NV 88901-6401

Overnight Delivery / Express Payments
CitiBusiness Card
8725 W. Sahara Avenue
The Lakes, NV 89163

General Correspondence
CitiBusiness Customer Service
P.O. Box 44180
Jacksonville, FL 32231-4180

Citi Professional Cards
Regular Payments1
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 6537
The Lakes, NV 88901-6537



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