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Citibank Foundation

Citibank Foundation endeavors to provide economic empowerment to those families and individuals who are in need. Backed by the financial services giant Citigroup, Citi Foundation works to improve the living standard of every individual in several communities of the country. The company tries to reach its goal with a powerful combination of employee engagement and financial support from the global network of Citigroup. With operations in more than 100 nations, Citibank expands its reach to every corner of the world. The dynamic approach of the Foundation includes skill-based volunteering, financial capability and board membership that enable them to enhance the support provided by them to non profit partners to increase long term investment strategies.

The Citi Foundation offers grants for those programs which are aligned with their priority focus areas, collaborations and effective management of philanthropic resources. The organization also engages their employees to demonstrate their impact and the positive outcomes. The foundation is particularly interested to support program innovations on the priority focus areas listed below:
  • Microfinance and Microenterprise: In this area, the Foundation works to help low income families and individuals to improve their living standard through economic self sufficiency and reduced financial vulnerability.

  • Small and Growing Business: Citi Foundation also join hands with growing small businesses and provide maximum employment opportunities to low and moderate income individuals. They consider small businesses as powerful driver of economic progress and job creation across the globe.

  • College and Careers: The foundation further aims to expand educational opportunities and help low-income students earn a degree. They also provide the students with career skills that will help them in entering the work force.

  • Financial Capability and Asset Building: Under this area, the foundation will help individuals and families in establishing financial plans, maintaining financial goals and developing strategies to preserve their financial position in times of economic prosperity or instability.
In the United States, the Citibank Foundation strongly supports Neighborhood Revitalization Programs to develop economically vibrant communities and physically revitalized neighborhoods. The foundation also has certain funding limitations and the grants funded are subject to invitation only. Citi Foundation does not provide funding for advertising, fundraising activities, special events, religious, fraternal organizations, political causes, campaigns, memorials, matched funds etc.

For more information regarding grant programs and funding priorities, visit the Citi Foundation guidelines page.



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