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Citibank Financial

Citibank, a world's leading financial services company, provides unique financial solutions and programs to individuals who face financial hardship as well as to investors and institutions with high-net-worth. The bank is operating worldwide through a large network of branches and locations serving more than 200 million clients in over 100 countries. In the United States alone Citibank serves in more than 1,000 centers catering full financial service to its potential customers. Citibank dedicated financial analyst and advisor provide full service range from offering basic financial education to handling complex financial planning and investment strategies. The Citi Financial Curriculum and Facilitator's Guide and Citi's Personal Finance Guide are some resources through which Citibank provides tools and solutions to handle basic financial problems and crisis. Citi financial advisor also offers effective and easy-to understand solutions in matters like Debt Consolidation, Facing Foreclosures, Planning for Retirement etc.

Citibank provides unique financial solutions to retail investors, corporations, governments and several other high net-worth individuals. The bank also provides a range of students' loans such as undergraduate student's loans, graduate students loans and Health Profession loans, etc. Furthermore, the bank offers solutions on how to manage and pay students financial aid fund for college, and also guide for refund of student loans. Citibank also offers several financial literacy programs to all range of age groups according to their different needs and challenges.

Citibank Financial Loans

At Citibank one can easily find solutions and programs that can help achieve their financial goals through CitiFinancial. Customers can find loans and mortgage programs that best suit their needs and requirements whether one seek for the first home or second home, or for any home improvement programs. The bank also offers auto loans to customers, financing them to get their dream car. Auto loans and home loans programs at Citibank are flexible and are designed based on customer's needs and requirements. Customers can apply auto loans and home loans online and their payments are also hassle-free as one can easily make through online. Citibank loans application status can be also check online.

Citibank Financial Center

There are more than 1,000 Financial Centers in the United States alone and over 1,100 overseas. Customers can find any branch or ATM centers nearest to them using the Citi Locator tool. Every Financial Centers in the US provide services such as, Free Teller Service, 24-Hour ATM Access, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and Wheelchair for handicapped customers. Customer can also find and get information in some locations about CitiBusiness, Mortgages and Investment Services through Citi Financial Advisor. Customers can find several branch offices and ATM centers in locations like Citibank Financial District NYC, New York and Sioux Falls in South Dakota. Using Citi Locator tool one can find any financial centers in the United States as well as in any other parts of the world like in Canada, Ireland, etc.

Citibank Financial Careers

As a world's leading financial services provider, Citibank offers a wide door to individuals seeking career opportunities in financial services. Career conscious individuals can find a number of employment opportunities at Citibank. As the bank serves wide range of customers across worldwide with a variety of financial services program, there are thousands of jobs openings every year. Career seeking individuals in financial services area can express their interest and find suitable job position matching their potential and qualification. Candidates can find job position such as financial analyst, financial advisor, relationship manager and associate, wealth manager and several others. One may log on to the bank's career site and search for various job vacancies in locations where one is interested in. Citibank offers exciting career opportunities with dynamic working environment and benefit package with good average salary. Analyst salary and other job position salary can be found on the career site of the bank.

Citibank Financial Report of every year shows the financial strength and status of the bank. The Financial Statements also disclosed the performance and operating result of the current year. Interested customers wanting to know the financial strength and performance of the Citibank may visit the bank's official site and read the detailed worksheet provided by the bank. They can also review and read the news, report and financial statement of 2008 and 2009 and see the rating outlook of the bank.

For detailed information on Citibank Financial and related services please visit the official website of the bank. Citibank financial report and statements can be also reviewed through certain financial times newspapers and other financial magazines prepared by or on behalf of the bank.



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