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Citibank Rewards

Citibank Rewards programs are offered to all customers using the products and services of the bank. The bank offers a wide array of exciting and benefiting rewards through several programs and for different range of products and services. Customers can earn in several ways such as, cash back, gift vouchers, travel or airline discount, points, etc. The rewards are offer to every customer who makes use the products of the bank such as range of credit cards like Platinum Credit Card, and other cards like Debit, MasterCard, and Visa Cards etc. Citibank also offers rewards to checking account customers, and to customers who introduces the products of the bank to any individuals. The bank facilitates online redemption service allowing credit cardholders to redeem items through online. Customers can receive the earned items at their own resident by furnishing the complete address in the Online Redemption form.

Citibank Rewards Card

Customers holding any bank's cards like Platinum, Gold, Silver, and other cards like Debit, MasterCard and Visa can earn limitless points. Thank You Rewards is one program that allows earning of points for use of eligible Citibank debit and credit cards in purchasing.
There are range of rewards catalog loaded with attractive items and ready to reward points for customers making purchase using any of the bank's cards. Citibank Diamond Preferred Card offer earning of 6,000 ThankYou® Points for making $300 purchases in the first 3 months and several other points thereafter. Citi Dividend Platinum Select offers one of the best cash back rewards, and one can even earn extra cash in restaurant and other reward centers. Other cards like for Travel, Cash and Citi Forward also offer several reward points.

Citibank Rewards Catalog

Customers of Citibank can avail a wide range of rewards catalogue lined up for them. The bank catalog range varies with banking locations and products ranges. Customers will also find catalog changes from time to time and from year to year with different ranges of gift items. One will find that, catalogue of 2010 becomes more rewarding with more items and attractive points than those of 2007, catalog 2008 and catalog 2009 and so on. Citibank does not however give detailed program for USA under But in countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc. there are range of rewards catalog list lined up to reward the customers. Customers from locations such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, UAE, Thailand, Qantas, and Australia, etc. also can earn a number of exciting points and lines of rewards catalog specifically lined up for them. It is encouraged to all customers that they learn the terms and conditions of those programme, and one need to be an authorized ThankYou Member to access the ThankYou rewards program. Needless to say, ThankYou account membership and redemption of ThankYou Points are all subjective of certain terms and conditions.

Citibank Rewards Program

Citibank rewards program allows credit card holding customers to redeem goods and services for various points earned through eligible use of Visa and MasterCard. However, the bank does not manage its rewards program, but the entire program center is handled by American Airlines AAdvantage Award Program and Driver's Edge Rewards Program are also engaged by Citibank to help manage their jointly credit cards. Here the bank does not give any detailed program for USA under the website; however, customers may login to thankyou program for the entire thankyou network in USA. Customers may also call the Program customer service number at 1-800-950-5114.

Citibank Online Rewards

The online service of allows customers to check the total rewards points and redeem the gift items from the range of catalogue. Customers can enroll to thankyou program either through checking account or credit card or other cards. Citibank credit cardholders with already a thankyou program will get automatically enrolled. Customers will simply earn points when using Citibank debit card and credit card on every purchase and simply from the checking account package. Login to redeem points for rewards is very simple. Customers can sign on to Citibank Online or may simply call the number 1-800-THANKYOU (1-800-842-6596).

Citibank Reward Saver Account offers competitive rate and is specifically designed for the long-term savers. However, Saver Account is currently available only in the UK. For more info on Citibank Rewards and to know the details about filling of redemption form please visit the official website of the bank. Customers will also find details about Flights and SG rewards on the site of the bank.



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