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Citibank Exchange Rate

Citibank provides full service range in serving customers for making any money transfers related purposes more efficiently. Exchange Rate calculator helps one know the current rate of any foreign currency exchange rate for purpose of remittance or wire transfer. With the unique Citibank services like World Wallet, Global Remittance and Wire Transfers, customers in the US having a Citibank checking, savings or money market account can easily transfer money to anywhere worldwide. Citibank offers competitive exchange rate, be it conversion of dollar to euro, dollar to rupee or any other currency. The currency converter allows one to calculate the currency and foreign exchange rate which Citibank offers full range service through online.

World Wallet Service facilitates receiving of foreign currency at one's home, office or any Citibank financial center when order. Customers can access to their money worldwide at thousands of ATM locations. Money that one ordered will be debited from customers Citibank checking, savings or money market account. Customers can also get exchange the foreign currency for USD at competitive rate in any financial center, and Citibank offers $5 free for exchange of over $1,000. Customers may call 1-800-756-7050 (TTY 800-788-0002) option #1 for exchange rates. For international toll-free, call 1-210-677-0065.

Citibank Global Remittance Service enables customers to conveniently send money to other countries. Having a Citibank checking, savings or money market account is all one need to have, and the recipient's name, account number and phone number. The bank charges nominal applicable transfer fee from the sender, and if made in foreign currency, the bank also charges conversion fee which is included in the exchange rate. All the transfers are converted to local currency at Citibank's competitive exchange rate. To learn the today rates customers may call 1-800-756-7050 option #1.

Customers of Citibank also can send online international wire transfer in a foreign currency. Customers can, with the international wires send money in US dollars or in currency of the beneficiary destination. However, international checks can be sent only in the beneficiary destination currency. Citibank however, does not allow future date or recurring wires to send in foreign currency for an international wire. For outgoing wire of more than $10,000 or more, customers are given 2 minutes for lock in the exchange rate. But if the outgoing wire is less than $10,000 then Citibank set a fixed foreign exchange rate daily. Clients of Citigroup Private Bank are free for online wire transfers with no limit. Citibank also waive fee for those Citigold account holders having average balance of more than $500,000 for domestic and international online wire transfers. Customers may call 1-800-374-9700 or for Text Telephone (TTY) 1-800-788-0002 for online wire transfers details.

Detailed information on Citibank Exchange Rate and related services and details like conversion fee and online wire transfer fees and limit for domestic and international may be obtained through the official website of the bank.



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