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Citibank Government Travel Card

Citibank Government Travel Card brings a wide gamut of benefits and rewards for the travelers who keep on moving from one place to another. Citibank is one of the leading providers of credit cards in the United States and many other nations of the world. The bank is also committed to providing the best of services to Government Travel Card holders. If you are a frequent traveler then carrying the Government Travel Card can help you meet all your travel related expenses without any hassle. These cards are accepted at more than 13 million merchant establishments and at over 1 million ATM where one can withdraw cash and check account balance.

Government Travel Card Online

Government Travel Card holders can enjoy a number of convenient services like making online payment of their card bills and getting online access to their travel card account by enrolling for Citibank Online services. Making online account login is completely very easy after going through the registration process of the travel card. All you have to do is just provide the login ID and password offered by the bank to login to your card account. Making online payment will allow you to save your precious time that you will waste in visiting the bank branches. Moreover, check your account balance and get online statements of the travel card bills.

Benefits of Citibank Government Travel Card

Citibank Government Travel Card offers several beneficial services for the users. Government Travel Card holders can enjoy round the clock assistance from knowledgeable customer support team from anywhere around the world. Being the industry leader, Citibank also offers many value-added benefits and features that surpass standard travel card programs. The card also comes with enhancements like declining balance feature and integrated phone card as well as event spending management solutions.

In addition, card users also get the advanced fraud detection system that can monitor the account activities of the card holders. Travel insurance, lost luggage insurance, primary car rental and emergency assistance are additional benefits of the Government Travel Cards.

Citibank Government Travel Card Customer Service

To help troubled customers for grievances like lost and stolen card, Citibank has professional team of customer service representatives who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The following are some customer service phone number that Government Travel Card holders can contact to get assistance on their grievances.

Cardholder Customer Service: 1-800-200-7056
1-757-852-9076 (Collect)
Agency/AOPC Service: 1-866-670-6462
1-757-853-2467 (Collect)

Further sign on to the official website of the bank to find card application form and extensive details on activation process and online bill pay.



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