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Citibank Private Bank

Citibank Private Bank is a business division of Citigroup Inc. providing a wide array of comprehensive investment and banking options to the individuals, families, attorneys and to the law firms. The dedicated private banking teams provides various financial services to clients worldwide acting as a big source in providing advice and solutions for investment plan and wealth transfer techniques. The teams are also available to provide personalized level of individual service to those clients who really need personalized attention. With advanced online service, individuals seeking complex money management tools can help manage their finances efficiently. Citibank private bank wealth management services include investments, financial lending, banking and family wealth planning.

Citi private bank is currently operating in over 100 offices spreading across to more than 25 countries and serving more than 25,000 clients consisting of individuals and families. The bank provides full service range in the US in places such as Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Miami, etc. It has also international offices in locations like London, UK, Switzerland, Japan, and in Asia Pacific Region like Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Citibank private bank also offers private banking services with counseling programs like Trust and Estate Services, Art Advisory Services and Preferred Custody Services to help assist its clients not only in managing their wealth but also to help enjoy their wealth.

Citibank Private Bank Mortgage

Citi Private Bank offers several home financing options with programs designed reflecting on the needs and requirements of the customers. Whether individuals seek for the first time home buying or any other financing programs, the committed private bank mortgage specialist can help find the best mortgage program with the best rates matching their budget and financial circumstances. There is no maximum loan amount limit and no closing cost is charge to the borrowers. An application of Citibank private bank mortgage program is simple and the approval process is very fast.

Under the program called Law Watch, Citibank private bank provides industry insights and research services to the law firms which include Annual Survey of Law Firm Financial Performance and the Managing Partner Confidence Index, and industry insight that include Peer Reviews and regional roundtables for senior law firm leaders. The bank also offers strategic advisory services that can help deal the issues such as law firm mergers, acquisitions, talent management and capital structure. Every serving client is entitled to enjoy banking services such as complimentary, interest-bearing checking with direct deposit and with no minimum balance requirements. Citibank provides free online banking services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. One can carry out any banking activities anytime and anywhere wherever there is internet connection.

Customers of Citibank private bank can locate a banking branch office nearest to them to learn more about Citi private bank. Below we provide some banking offices in the US as well as international with their locations. Customers residing in the following locations may contact the following Citibank private bank offices for customer service and account enquiry purposes.

Washington, DC
Law Firm clients:
(202) 220-3636
(800) 870-1073

San Francisco, CA:
(415) 627-6330
(800) 870-1073

Palo Alto, CA
(650) 329-7060
(800) 870-1073

Los Angeles, CA
(213) 239-1927
(800) 870-1073

Chicago, IL
(312) 384-1450
(800) 870-1073

New York, NY Asia clients
(212) 559-9155
(800) 870-1073

Miami, FL US clients
(866) 869-8464
(800) 870-1073

London, UK
(44) 207 508 8000

Geneva (41 58) 750 5550
Zürich (41 58) 750 5000

(65) 6227 9188

Hong Kong
(852) 2868 8688

For more info about Citibank Private Bank and their services to clients worldwide, and to learn its products and services, please log on to the official website of the bank. One can also find details about careers and several job opportunities available at Citibank private bank in various banking locations.



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