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Citibank Travel Card

Citibank Travel Card services provide extensive and flexible solutions to organizations in helping them managing their employee's travel related spending in a more effective way. A global leading credit card provider, Citibank with its cutting-edge technology, products and services provide comprehensive information management tools. The unsurpassed expertise and exceptional customer services offer by the bank has in overall helped improve travel expense management process. Individuals from any governmental organizations or corporations holding Citibank travel cards can enjoy a number of information management solutions that could help them comply with their organization and government policies, and better understand their spending patterns as well.

Citibank travel card include visa government travel card, GSA, DOD, Military, corporate, Federal, Direct and Home Government. Besides flexible information management tools, cardholders can benefit and enjoy its worldwide acceptance with over 22 million locations and cash access to more than 8,00,000 ATM locations. One can access to 24-hour automated telephone system and online service. They can also enjoy round-the-clock travel and emergency assistance anywhere, and insurance plan like travel accident, car rental and lost luggage etc.

Citibank Travel Card Online

Travel Card Online provides a number of convenient services to cardholders. One can sign in to activate the account and start accessing to online statements. Online access allows one to obtain account balance, available credit or cash, transaction history and payment information etc. Travel card payment is also hassle-free as one can easily pay either online or through phone. Through Online Statements both cardholders and program authorities can access to statements 24/7. Travel cardholders of the bank such as DOD, Army, Federal, GSA etc. can access to their account and make bill pay and other form of payment without any hassle. Online management and reporting tools are safe and secure and are all backed by world-class customer service. The information management tools such as Citibank Custom Reporting System, Electronic Reporting System, CitiDirect Card management System, and Citibank Online Statements, etc. are all online advanced technology card management and reporting program. These are all simple and easy to implement application for effective card management.

Citibank Travel Card Login

Holders of Citibank Visa travel card, Credit Card, US Government and Direct travel card etc. can simply logon to the website of the bank and sign in to access to several informations and perform various activities. They can simply login using their Username and Password and access to their online statements or make any payment. Travel card online service ensures full measures on its security and fraud related activities. Information provided by each cardholder is ensured guaranteed safety and security with fraud detection measures.

Citibank Travel Card Payment

Citibank offers range of payment options to travel card customers. They can pay using any of the available and convenient options such as, Phone, Online, Wire, Auto, or though mailing to the Citi Payment Address. However, Citi does not accept payment using debit card. DOD or Department of Defense Government Travel Card customers can also make payment using the above payment options. If customers are to make payment through phone, one should provide the 9-digit routing number and a valid checking account number. The customers Social Security Number is also required for bill pay through phone. Customers may call Citibank travel card number 1-800-200-7056 to request for a credit balance account or to make any payment through phone.

Citibank Visa Travel Credit Card are accepted everywhere. The Visa Travel Card offers convenient and secure program to pay all travel related expenses and provide the tools to manage the program very effectively. For detailed information about Citibank Travel Card and to learn Citibank travel card India, please log on to the official website of the bank. One can also find details about Citibank assistance in training the Agency/Organization on the aspects of Citibank Government Travel Card Program, Products and Services. The Customer Service help desk number is also given below.

For assistance: 1-800-790-7206
Fax 1-605-335-1417 in the U.S.
Call collect, 904-954-7850 overseas.



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