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Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation

Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation is the best available way to get rid of multiple student loan debts. If you have obtained more than one student loan from Wells Fargo or other financial lenders then you can simplify your finances by combining multiple loans into one single term having only one monthly repayment. Wells Fargo is one of the largest providers of student loans and the bank further endeavors to assist those students who are finding it hard to repay their private or federal student loans. You can easily qualify for an affordable annual percentage rate or variable APR depending on your credit record.

Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation Rates

Wells Fargo Bank offers competitive student loan consolidation rates for every students having unique financial status. Students also get an option to reduce their interest rate by 0.25% when they allow the bank to withdraw payments automatically from their savings or checking accounts. The bank also offers other additional advantages like loan specialist who are always ready to help you, and quick credit decision. The bank allows you to consolidate student loan amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 and aggregate loan limit of $250,000 including all other education debts.

Student Loan Consolidation Process

It is important for you to have some idea about the consolidation process if you have finally considered consolidating your multiple student loans. Once you submit your application, the bank usually takes around 45-60 days to begin your consolidation process. Until and unless the bank notifies that the loans are consolidated you are required to continue your repayment on all your student loans. You will still get online account access even after consolidating all your loans. On the other hand, Wells Fargo provide extended or graduated repayment programs for those students who have borrowed federal student loans from the bank and who are looking to reduce their monthly payments.

The bank also offers student loan deferment and forbearance programs to eligible students who are in need of special assistance. However, loan consolidation still continues to be the top option for most of the students. The followings are some of the benefits offered by Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation plan;
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Make only one payment a month
  • Build up your credit rating
  • Get a repayment term that suits your financial status
  • Apply now to lock in a low rate for the entire loan period
  • Stay away from credit check, application and origination fees while applying for loan consolidation.
Wells Fargo has consolidation programs for those students who are facing financial hardship in paying their multiple student loans.



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