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Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment can be made today without visiting the branches of the bank. It is mandatory for the homeowners to make their mortgage payment in time in order to avoid late payments, defaults and even home foreclosures. For the convenience of the mortgage borrowers, Wells Fargo brings a number of mortgage payment options which are very flexible and free to enroll. Wells Fargo Bank is one of the leading providers of home mortgage loans to low and moderate income families residing in the United States.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Options

With the range of payment options offered by the bank, making monthly mortgage payment has become so hassle free for the borrowers. Online mortgage payment is one of the most convenient methods of making fast and secure payment without wasting your precious time. With Wells Fargo Easy PaySM, you can make quick, additional principal payments or last-minute payment online or by using the phone. Here are some benefits of making mortgage payment online.
  • Avoid late payments to keep a good credit record
  • Make quick same-day as well as next-day payments
  • Stay away from checks, postage or payment coupons
  • Make additional principal payments when you desire.
On the other hand, you can opt for Preferred Payment PlanSM which is a flexible payment option that is completely free to enroll. In this mortgage payment option, you can build your equity faster by setting automatic payment drafts in order to match your payment cycle. In case if you have a checking account with Wells Fargo then enroll for Bill Pay1 to repay bills online without any difficulty. Making mortgage payment from your savings or checking account is fast and hassle free. As a borrower you can use debit card, credit card or cash to make mortgage repayment by wiring funds through Western Union® Quick Collect® service offered by Western Union.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Calculator

Mortgage payment calculator is an effective tool that home buyers should use while looking for best suitable loan term. With the help of this payment calculator you can make an estimate of the approximate monthly payment of a particular home mortgage program.

This will help you to find the particular mortgage program that you can actually afford. Wells Fargo mortgage payment center also offers special help and assistance to those borrowers who are facing some grievances in making their monthly repayments. For further details on mortgage payment grace period, payment locations, due date, deferment, payment plan and protection, logon to the official website of the bank.

Phone number for mortgage payment by phone - 1-800-288-3212
For details on Wells Fargo Easy PaySM service call - 1- 800-678-7986.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Mailing Address
Send your mortgage payment by overnight mail at the following address:

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Suite L2-200
1200 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Wells Fargo Bank offers a number of convenient payment options for mortgage borrowers. Check features of some of the mortgage payment methods.



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