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Wells Fargo Direct Deposit

Wells Fargo Direct Deposit is a convenient and free service that enables automatic deposits of your recurring income into your Wells Fargo savings or checking account. A diverse range of payments including income received from your employer, pensions & retirement plans , Social Security, VA benefits, the Armed Forces, and annuity and dividend payments can qualify for Direct Deposit. The most interesting thing of Direct Deposit is that you do not have to visit the bank as your money is automatically deposited into your account. It is a fast service and you get same-day access to your funds on the day of deposit itself.

Wells Fargo Direct Deposit Advance

Direct Deposit Advance® service is a type of cash advance line of credit that can help you meet short term cash requirements. If you are a checking customer of Wells Fargo then you may get a line of credit of up to $5001 deposited instantly into your checking account. This cash advance Direct Deposit can help you meet your financial emergency by offering advance access to your next paycheck or other recurring deposit. However, it is important for the customers to understand that it is an expensive form of credit and it should only be used to cover short-term needs. The cash advanced must be repaid quickly and it is not a solution for long-term financial needs.

Wells Fargo Direct Deposit Information

Direct Deposit is not only fast but it is also safe and there is no incident of checks getting lost, stolen or delayed. To set up Direct Deposit, you could just download the Direct Deposit Information Form and follow the easy steps mentioned below. First of all, you will have to gather account information. To process your Direct Deposit, you should provide details of the type of account (savings or checking), your account number and the routing number. The diagram found on the information form will show the whereabouts of the above details.

Now, you will have to contact your employer prior to setting up the Direct Deposit. You will have to ask your payor or your company whether they provide Direct Deposit services or not. Your payor may further require you to fill up a form or give a voided check to initiate your Direct Deposit request. As a last step, you are required to monitor your account and your Direct Deposit will go into effect only after about one or two months. If you are looking for further information related to Direct Deposit mailing address and bonus, just contact the bank representative at 1-800-869-3557, all round the clock. You can also visit the nearest Wells Fargo store located nearest to you.



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