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Wells Fargo Advantage Funds

Wells Fargo Advantage Funds is a part of the banking giant Wells Fargo and Company which was established in 1852 to provide banking and express services to the people of the United States. By providing a broad range of mutual funds designed for individuals as well as institutions, Wells Fargo Advantage Funds has made a reputation of his own. The company offers attractive funds in every category which are guided by reliable money managers. Its endeavors to provide the best disciplined selection process that will provide long term results for the investors. With a combination of sound judgment, solid partnerships and steady guidance, the company shapes a better future for the investors.

Wells Fargo Advantage Funds Login

Existing investors who has their account with Wells Fargo Advantage Funds can make online login to check their account activities. To login to your account, visit the personal Wells Fargo Advantage Funds website and provide your user ID and password. However, investors are first required to register with the website of the bank by providing their account and mutual funds details. Visiting the company's site will allow the investors to find details on the complete prospectus and annual report of all the advantage funds made available. The following are some of the top mutual funds offered by the company;

  • Wells Fargo advantage small cap value
  • Wells Fargo advantage small/mid cap value
  • Wells Fargo advantage income plus fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage index fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage capital growth fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage equity income fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage opportunity fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage asset allocation fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage Index Asset Allocation
  • Wells Fargo advantage government securities fund
  • Wells Fargo short duration government bond
  • Wells Fargo advantage municipal bond fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage money market fund
  • Wells Fargo advantage Morningstar fund
  • Wells Fargo short-term municipal bond
The following are important email address and phone numbers through which investors can get various kind of assistance for their mutual funds.

Investment Professionals
Phone: 1-888-877-9275

Institutional Sales Professionals
Phone: 1-888-253-6572

Institutional Cash Management
Phone: 1-800-260-5969

Individual Investors
Phone: 1-800-359-3379

Wells Fargo Advantage Funds Street Address
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
P.O. Box 8266
Boston, MA 02266-8266

Wells Fargo offers a disciplined approach and reliable governance of their funds. Altogether, the company offers over 125 mutual funds line up for potential. Visit the website of the company to learn more about all the investment solutions, funds, careers and tax information.
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds brings a wide range of mutual funds for all types of investors in the country. Check features of some of the top programs from their official website.



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