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Wells Fargo Bank Owned Homes

Wells Fargo Bank Owned Homes and REO Properties offer better options to buy a home and save some money. Our home is one of the most important purchases or investments made by us in our lifetime. So, it is very essential to make an informed approach while purchasing a new home or a foreclosed home. Wells Fargo Bank has a large supple of foreclosure homes which are sold out from time to time to potential buyers. Home buyers and investors can find Wells Fargo Bank owned homes for sale on the website of Premiere Asset Services or Premiere Asset Services handles bank owned homes of Wells Fargo and it is headquartered in Frederick, Md. The company has regional offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and San Bernardino, California.

Wells Fargo Bank has also introduced the Real Estate Owned Discounted Properties program that facilitates bank owned and REO properties to cities and various other nonprofits organizations working to revitalize neighborhoods by providing sustainable homeownership and rental opportunities for low and moderate income families. The bank also allows REO investors to purchase a wide range of foreclosure homes without extensive paperwork and documentation. The market price of the bank owned houses are listed on, and, websites.

Premiere Asset Services in collaboration with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and REALTORS®, has assisted over 30,000 homebuyers realize their dream of becoming homeowners through purchase of REO properties. On the other hand, it is completely easy to locate foreclosed property or find bank owned property listings. Investors and home buyers can visit the official website of Premiere Asset Services to review available properties for sale. The property prices listed on the website may be discounted from current market value. Wells Fargo bank owned properties are offered in all the 50 states of the United States.

To apply for Wells Fargo owned homes, investors and buyers are requested to visit the website of Housing Foundation and go through the REO program guidelines. Applicants will have to upload several documents in order to submit online proposal. It is recommended for the applicants to take their time in reviewing the online questions and instructions before making a new application. Housing Foundation also encourages applicants to make their applications online. Wells Fargo foreclosure homes are priced in accordance with the prevailing market price.

Realtors® interested in working with Wells Fargo can contact - 866-518-2164

Individual buyers looking to purchase a Wells Fargo Property can call - 866-518-2164

Bulk Purchase Buyers and Property Preservation Vendors can contact - 866-518-2164
A wide range of foreclosure homes are made available by Wells Fargo through several agents and vendors. Find the process of purchasing bank owned homes from the bank.



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