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Wells Fargo Securities

Wells Fargo Securities provide the best reliable capital solutions for a range of businesses. The company has the expertise required by a business to harness the power in the capital markets. If you own a business, you can get top ideas and a wide range of solutions from Wells Fargo Securities LLC to promote your business. Best capital solutions offered by the company include fixed income sales and trading, market analysis and research, equity sales and trading, investment banking as well as advisory services. The company has specialists in a range of businesses that include real estate, specialty services, business financing, and international services.

Wachovia Securities was the name of retail brokerage and capital market and investment banking division of Wachovia Corporation. Following the acquisition of Wachovia by Wells Fargo on 31st December 2008, the investment banking division became Wells Fargo Securities and the retail brokerage group became Wells Fargo Advisors on 1st May 2009. Wells Fargo is dedicated to fulfilling the capital markets and investment banking needs of a large number of middle market and corporate clients.
The company also offers a range of lending options to eligible borrowers owning a small or large business. One can find several equity investment strategies, valuable resources and expertise for their business such as;
  • Common stock
  • Equity finance
  • Convertible securities
  • Equity derivatives
  • Advanced electronic trading services
  • Options
Under the investment banking and capital markets domain, the company provides full service investment banking solutions that include equity capital markets, debt capital markets, public finance, loan syndications, mergers, acquisitions and equity private placements. In addition, Wells Fargo Securities provide fixed income sales products and trading services such as money market securities, municipal products, asset-backed finance products, corporate debt, portfolio accounting, analytics and research services. On the other hand, the company allows eligible clients to access valuable resources that they required from experienced economists and equity and credit product analysts. Wells Fargo Securities further brings several careers and job opportunities for eligible candidates at regular time interval. The company offers several employment benefits and privileges program for the employees. Investors as well as job seekers can login to the official website of the company to get their required information. The commercial bankers of the company have local presence in over 60 offices nationwide. More than providing products, the experienced consultants of Wells Fargo Securities studies the needs of the clients to propose the best available business solutions. Contact the customer care number (1-800-289-3557) to make queries and complaints. Further find more details on Wells Fargo Securities internship and available programs at its official website.
Wells Fargo Securities plays an important role in the investment and capital market of the US. Find what the company has to offer.



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