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Wells Fargo Graduate Loan

Wells Fargo Graduate Student Loans are some of the widely used student loans in the United States to finance higher studies. Eligible students can use Wells Fargo Graduate Loan to borrow a student loan amount that will meet the entire cost of their education. Wells Fargo also offers private student loans for graduate students who are engaged in non health related professions. The bank recommends students to consider graduate plus loan when several federals loans that they have obtained are still not enough to meet their education expenses. There is no annual maximum amount in graduate loan and one can borrow up to the entire cost of his education. However, the average loan limit for students pursuing law and business studies is $180,000 and for other trades is $120,000.

The fund of the graduate loan goes directly to the school and it is the financial aid officer who certifies the loan amount that you are eligible to avail. After paying the tuition fees, the left over money can be used to pay other education related expenses like room fees, board and books. Wells Fargo offers competitive annual percentage rate as wells as variable APR based on the credit status of the applicants. The bank offers several benefits with their graduate loan programs. For instance, the loan repayments are required to be made only after six months from the completion of course. Moreover, the bank offers several ways to lower down student loan payments when you are facing trouble in making timely repayments.

As a borrower of Wells Fargo graduate student loan, you can get rate reduction of 0.25% when you set automatic payment from your savings or checking account. You can also get rate reduction of 0.50% on repayment through verification of graduate with Wells Fargo Student Graduation BenefitSM Program. It is advisable for the students to compare all the graduate student loans in order to obtain the best suitable loan term. There are some eligibility conditions which the students are required to fulfill in order to avail the graduate student loans from Wells Fargo.

First of all, you should be a graduate student enrolled and pursuing a degree in an eligible school. You are required to make satisfactory academic progress with an eligible program. Then, you should be a citizen of U.S, a permanent resident alien or an international student has a current U.S. address as well as the proper evidence for eligibility. Lastly, you should have established a positive credit history in order to be eligible for the graduate loan.



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