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Wells Fargo Investment Banking

Wells Fargo Securities offer comprehensive ideas and flexible capital markets solutions to the individual in investment banking services. The bank through its well experienced and expert team provide full investment banking services in fields of investment and asset management, private banking or commercial banking, and corporate finance. The bank provides investment banking services in almost all the major cities in the US and in several International locations. It offers dynamic career opportunities to individuals by providing perfect work-environment and exciting programs for individual's growth and development. Wells Fargo also offers financing solutions to individual and institutional real estate investors and developers with flexible financing programs and customized permanent debt financing options.

Wells Fargo Investment Banking Careers

With wide service range in differently investment banking programs, Wells Fargo offers exciting careers in several business lines for its development programs. Individuals can find bright career opportunities in areas like audit, commercial real estate, leadership development, corporate and commercial banking etc. The bank provides internship program in summer giving the chance to expose to the financial services industry.
Wells Fargo also offers analyst program for all the analysts from various lines of business to equip them with effective tools, skills and knowledge. Analyst opportunities are provided in Charlotte, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. To apply for positions such as, Investment Banking and Capital Markets Analyst, Municipal Products Analyst or Sales and Trading Analyst, and several others, individuals may log on to the bank's site and get informed about the job descriptions, application process and interview advice.

Wells Fargo Investment Banking Salary

Wells Fargo Investment Banking analyst and associate are offered huge reward in terms of salary as well as in growth opportunities. Salary varies with business lines, position, experience and several other factors. But in all range of business groups, positions, and title, Wells Fargo offers attractive average salary with bonus and other benefit packages. Individuals will find work-life balance at Wells Fargo with many growth and development programs and dynamic working environment.

Wells Fargo Investment Banking Locations

Investment Banking services are provided in almost all the major cities in the US and in several other international locations. Wells Fargo has its investment banking offices in international locations like London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Individuals will find Wells Fargo investment banking services provided in various locations in the US like Houston, St. Louis, Wall Street Oasis, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles. One can also find several job opportunities for various positions in such locations. Here, we provide some locations of Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services with their full addresses and phone numbers. One may contact or visit the branch location nearest to their area for details about products and services and jobs in such branch location.

3001 MAIN ST
(713) 834-0111

1 North Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103-2205
(314) 955-3000

222 S Riverside Plz 300
Chicago, IL 60606-7801
(312) 648-5200

(415) 396-7392

DENVER, CO 80274
(303) 863-4631

Wells Fargo Securities Los Angeles
11755 Wilshire Blvd 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90025-1567
(310) 479-3500

For detailed information about Wells Fargo Investment Banking services and to learn about its deals, various banking division and members please visit the official website of the bank. One can also find the details about Investment Banking Intern program.


Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States. Find comprehensive information on banking products and services provided by the bank..



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