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Wells Fargo Bill Pay

Wells Fargo Bill Pay is the latest payment option offered by the bank for most of the accounts types. This convenient service is available free of cost and it is much easier and faster than other bill payments options available with Wells Fargo accounts. By enrolling for Wells Fargo Bill Pay online, you can make online bill payment to almost any individual or company located in the United States. Moreover, you can set automatic payment for recurring bills such as mortgage and cable TV. One time payments of bills that usually differ each month like utility and phone bills can also be easily paid through online bill pay service.

If you have credit cards issued by the bank then enroll for bill pay to pay credit card bills quickly and easily. You can also set automatic payments when you enroll for the service. To enroll for Wells Fargo bill pay, you are required to have a Checking Account with the bank. You can pay bills either from the checking account or from your credit card account. You can also choose the account from where you want to make the payment if you have more than one account. Service fees and payment charges may be applied when you use credit cards to pay your bills.

To pay bills from checking account, you are first required to login to your account and select the payment options. You can login by just providing your user ID and password at the online login page of the bank website.

Paying bills through online bill pay is much easier and faster than paying by paper checks. Now, you don't have to visit the bank branches in order to pay your mortgage or credit card bills as you can pay them in matters of minutes. In addition, you can also pay bills, cancel pending payments or view past payments by using your mobile device.

You can sign up for Wells Fargo online bill pay in just few minutes. All you have to do is provide some personal and banking details like your Social Security Number, ATM/Check Card or Account Number, Email Address and some other financial information. You can sign up through Quicken or Microsoft Money Software or call Wells Fargo bill pay phone number at 1-800-956-4442 to talk with representatives of the bank. The bank charges no service fees when you hold an eligible checking account. For more details on Wells Fargo bill pay FAQ and reviews, make a visit to the bank website.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay Address for Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Financial
P.O. Box 98795
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8795
Making payments of mortgage loan and credit card bills is mandatory. Find details on online bill pay service offered by the bank.



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