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Wells Fargo Credit Card Rewards

Wells Fargo Credit Card Rewards are found to be very attractive by most of the credit card holders who are looking to get some gifts and rewards through their spending. If you have a credit card issued by Wells Fargo then you can get several rewards and benefits by enrolling for Wells Fargo Credit Card Rewards Program. On the other hand, the bank offers several credit cards offering unique rewards and bonus points. For instance, the bank offers Wells Fargo Cash BackSM Card that offers .25% cash back with every card purchase. Users of this card can also earn 1% cash back on purchases made with the credit card. Moreover, the card offers unlimited cash rewards, no minimum purchase requirements or expiration dates.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Rewards Program

If you are a credit card customer of Wells Fargo then it will be profitable for you to enroll for rewards program to earn additional reward points and to get cash back and several other rewards. You can easily add your credit card to Wells Fargo Credit Card Reward Program by calling at 1-800-642-4720. After enrolling for the program, you will be able to earn maximum rewards points for a huge variety of rewards. The program will provide a range of great rewards that include;

  • Cash rebates from time to time.
  • Name-brand merchandise
  • A variety of gift cards of your choice from leading restaurants and retailers.
  • Airfare that allows you to travel anywhere at anytime.
After enrolling for this rewards program, you can earn 1 reward point with every $1 spend in net purchase with the card. You can also earn bonus points by shopping at your desired online retailers through Earn More MallSM website. Also earn bonus points of up to 16 points with every $1 spend for eligible purchases. This benefit is also available when you purchase gift cards. You just need a minimum of 650 points to get attractive rewards like $5 gift card of leading merchant or brand-name merchandise. The maximum annual points limit under this reward program is 120,000 per year.

It is essential for the credit card users to login to to redeem their rewards online. They can also call at 1-800-642-4720 to set up their redemption account or to redeem their reward points in $25 increments. Rewards points are liable to expiration if not redeemed in time. For more detailed information, kindly visit the bank website.
Wells Fargo offers attractive rewards program for interest credit card customers of the bank. Know how to enroll for the program.



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