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Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates are very competitive and potential borrowers can get the best available rates by making some extensive research. In terms of market capitals, Wells Fargo Bank is the 2nd largest financial services firm in the United States and the 4th largest by assets. By introducing a range of mortgage programs having low interest rates, the bank has helped several low income families to get their dream home. It is the ultimate dream of every individual to own a home however many people are unable to buy it due to several financial hassles. To assist such individuals, Wells Fargo endeavors to provide suitable mortgage plans featuring low rate of interest.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Rates Today

Current home mortgage rates offered by Wells Fargo are considered as affordable by most of the borrowers. Wells Fargo home mortgage rates trend keep on changing from time to time. On the other hand, there are certain factors which are responsible for the changes in the mortgage rates. For instance, the bank offers different rates for jumbo mortgage and refinance loan. Moreover, factors like borrower's income status, credit record, loan amount and repayment terms also play important role in determining the mortgage rates.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates Chart

By checking Wells Fargo's mortgage rate sheet available on its website, you will be able to find the prevailing interest rate graph of the bank. The following rates chart displays today's interest rates on several loan terms provided by the bank.

Product Interest Rate APR
Conforming 1 and FHALoans
30-Year Fixed 4.875% 5.065%
30-Year Fixed FHA 5.000% 5.762%
15-Year Fixed 4.250% 4.573%
5-Year ARM 3.500% 3.594%
5-Year ARM FHA 3.375% 3.208%
Larger Loan Amounts in Eligible Areas – Conforming and FHA.1
30-Year Fixed 5.000% 5.138%
30-Year Fixed FHA 5.000% 5.705%
5-Year ARM 3.875% 3.679%
Jumbo1 Loans – Amounts that exceed conforming loan limits1
30-Year Fixed 5.500% 5.643%
5-Year ARM 5.125% 4.142%

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates Calculator

Mortgage rate calculator is a reliable tool offered by the bank to help first time home buyers while finding their desired mortgage loan. Borrowers can use this calculator to make an estimate of the interest payment that they will have to pay each month. Moreover, they can get reliable details on their monthly loan payment and the loan type that will best suit them. Wells Fargo Bank offers up to a maximum of $729,750 on Conforming and FHA loans to eligible borrowers residing in Federal Government designated areas.

It is recommended for the borrowers to contact local mortgage specialist as they can help them in determining their eligibility to qualify for a bigger loan amount. Visit the website of the bank to get comprehensive details on Wells Fargo mortgage rates in NY, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, mortgage rates for investment property, and rate reduction.

A wide range of low rate mortgages are made available by Wells Fargo. Find the current home mortgage rates offered by the bank.



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